7 Calming Retreats in India to Find Yourself


When you think about India what is the first thing that comes to your mind? I think it will be the highest mountains in the world, and everything that has to deal with spirituality and mysticism. Thousands of travelers come here in search of peace, or answers to eternal questions, or a new purpose in life.

There exist some other rival retreats in the world, but they are nothing compared to what India has prepared for you. So let`s start our journey around the most breathtaking places of India!

1. SwaSwara

Photo: swaswara.com
Nothing can be compared with the beauty of untouched nature. The resort is wrapped by the lush, emerald green forest of Kerala, and it seems that Mother Nature did her upmost to decorate the place with lovely beach called Om Beach in Gokarna, and painted it with all the colors and hues in her palette.

If your cherished dream is to abandon everything, forget your troubles, and just enjoy yourself, then this place will make it come true. The resort is focused on holistic health and healing, and in addition to that, it offers a great pool, yoga studio and Ayurvedic massages.