7 Calming Retreats in India to Find Yourself


When you think about India what is the first thing that comes to your mind? I think it will be the highest mountains in the world, and everything that has to deal with spirituality and mysticism. Thousands of travelers come here in search of peace, or answers to eternal questions, or a new purpose in life.

There exist some other rival retreats in the world, but they are nothing compared to what India has prepared for you. So let`s start our journey around the most breathtaking places of India!

1. SwaSwara

Photo: swaswara.com
Nothing can be compared with the beauty of untouched nature. The resort is wrapped by the lush, emerald green forest of Kerala, and it seems that Mother Nature did her upmost to decorate the place with lovely beach called Om Beach in Gokarna, and painted it with all the colors and hues in her palette.

If your cherished dream is to abandon everything, forget your troubles, and just enjoy yourself, then this place will make it come true. The resort is focused on holistic health and healing, and in addition to that, it offers a great pool, yoga studio and Ayurvedic massages.

2. The Piggery

The name has nothing to do with animals, the Piggery is a luxury holiday cottage surrounded by beautiful countryside with stunning view! This sacred place is found on the fantastic beach of Goa. There are 4 houses and 3 tents that are meant for 26 people. The place runs like a small hotel so you can rent a private cottage with charming furnishing, and all the conveniences.

Breathtaking orange sunsets and adorable pink sunrises will prompt you how to find a new spring of peace and happiness. And that`s not all! At the moment your foot touches the cashmere soft sand of the beach, you will forget all your troubles and become a new yourself.

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3. The Shakti 360° Leti

Mountains have always been something unknown, majestic to see, and you can`t stop admiring them. I think everybody would agree to the fact that having your vacations in mountains may be really extraordinary. But if the mountains are Himalayas, no one can resist the temptation! When you make up your mind to go, you are to choose to visit the Shakti 360° Leti.

It is a tiny resort, situated 8,000 feet up in the Kumaon Himalayas, northern part of Uttarakhand. You will find only four luxury cottages there, but mind that when you see the view through the glass walls, your jaw will drop a mile. From your outdoor private sitting area you will observe a breathtaking chain of snow-capped mountains. You can enjoy this fantastic scene from October to March, when the snow doesn`t melt in sun.

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4. Amarya Haveli

You may think that quiet and secure places can only be found in some faraway corners of India, but you are wrong. The busy, crowded and noisy capital of India hides this calm retreat in its suburbs, Hauz Khas. This oasis is owned by French and consists of only 6 rooms, every of which is dedicated to a certain part of India. There you will see ethnic décor, vintage furniture and colors, marble bathrooms and a comfortable curtained terrace with torches.

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5. The Blackbuck Lodge

Photo: theblackbucklodge.com

The resort is located near the west coast of Gujarati, Gulf of Cambay and covers 70 acres of wild Saurashtra countryside. It is a fantastic place as the Lodge is secluded on the banks of the river and is a part of Velavadar National Park.

14 luxury cottages are waiting for you to astonish, and to conquer your heart with the beauty of the surroundings. Come and feel yourself as a part of the great world of nature! Be sure, this place will help you to relieve your feelings, and to find answers to all your questions.

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6. Mihirgarh

Would you dare to go to a desert? If yes, then Mihirgarh is destined for you. A fantastic sandstone fort in the Thar Desert is ready to give you unforgettable impressions and emotions, which can`t be compared to any other. This hotel offers only 9 suites, but they definitely have much to show you. Their design reflects everything about the Rajasthan culture, exotic colors, bright and spacious rooms, elegant furnishing, and numerous antique knick-knacks.

At the same time this place has all of modern conveniences such as private spa, plunge pool, Ayurvedic massage, and silk-cushioned verandah. Also, there is a long list of things to do apart from this. You may go on a jeep safari to Bishnoi, get to know the culture of local residents, but the best thing to do is to take a horse safari across the Thar. Just imagine you gallop on a regal Marwar horse across the boundless sands in the sunset!

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7. The Baradari Palace

Photo: the-baradari-palace.neemranahotels.com

The palace is to be described by only one word – majestic! This includes everything, the history, the architecture, the premises, the interior, etc. The Baradari Palace was designed by Maharaja`s brother, and it is located in the historic area Patiala in Punjab. Now the palace is a famous exotic hotel where, by the way, a few Bollywood films were shot.

The Baradari Palace is a white colonnaded building surrounded by 12 arches and a fabulous garden. This 19th century architectural marvel will give you a very royal feeling with all those antique things around, huge doors and windows, fireplaces, Raja`s portraits on the walls and huge bathrooms. Here you can easily feel yourself as a prince of those days.

By visiting these fantastic places you will not only relieve your soul and body, but also get experience and emotions of a lifetime. Do not hesitate much, adventurous India is waiting for you! Where would you prefer to go?