10 Beaches for Backpackers in Africa


Africa is an amazing continent with thousands of breathtakingly beautiful beaches. Some of these are more beautiful than others and some are more welcoming to backpackers. From pristine white sand beaches to rugged rocky stretches of shore, there are beaches for every taste and interest. The shorelines of Africa are some of the most amazing places in the world. Check out the list of 10 best beaches for backpackers and pick the most wonderful one.

1. Anse Soleil, Seychelles

Situated near Mahé, Anse Soleil is a romantic beach with clear blue waters that invite visitors to dive in. It is a quiet place where backpackers can relax and enjoy the sun. A small café on the beach is the perfect place to get some food and drink. It’s a great budget-friendly beach for swimming and snorkeling as well as yoga and meditation.