10 Best Hidden Gems in Tasmania


When traveling, we tend to visit the most popular places and often overlook those hidden gems the country/city boasts. Tasmania is located off the coast of Australia and is the country’s only island state. The island is beautiful, but there are quite a few hidden surprises if you know where to look.

1. Bruny Island

Maria Island is home to Darlington, a probation station that once held the early convicts who arrived in Australia. There are several buildings still standing and visitors can see how convicts lived back in the day. The island also features camping in the summer, as well as hiking. In fact, there are many more things to explore: from historic ruins, to rugged cliffs, mountains and sweeping bays.

8. Cradle Mountain

While Cradle Mountain may be popular with the locals, less than 200,000 people visit the park each year. The area is pristine and features plenty of local flora and fauna. The big attraction is the actual mountain, which is shaped like a cradle. Many people come to the park to climb the mountain or simply to explore the trails.

9. Gunns Plains Cave

These limestone caves contain glow worms and impressive rock formations. There are different types of formations in each part of the cave. Unfortunately, it is not possible to just explore the caves. Tours are offered several times a day and allow visitors to learn of the history of the area.

10. Bay of Fires

For tourists looking for the ultimate beach experience, the Bay of Fires is the perfect place to visit. The area is pristine sand, with bright blue water and red rock formations. Despite the impressive beauty of the Bay of Fires, it is still relatively untouched.

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Tasmania has a lot to offer travelers. From flowery gardens and white sand beaches to strenuous hikes and caves to explore, the state has plenty of impressive sights. Find some of the more hidden gems to really get a feel for life in this area. What other beautiful hidden gems of Tasmania do you know?