10 Most Awesome Rooftop Pools around the World


Rooftop pools are the epitome of cool, and swimming in the clouds gives a feeling of luxury and freedom that just cannot be beaten.

A favorite hangout of celebrities and millionaires, a rooftop pool guarantees a vibrant atmosphere, and the following ten are some of the most spectacular examples on the planet.

1. Atrium Pool, Park Hyatt, Tokyo

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This stunning pool in Tokyo provided the setting for the movie Lost in Translation and is 20 metros of crystal clear waters housed in a glass atrium which makes it accessible all year round. Relax with a cocktail on the Park Hyatt`s 47th floor whilst enjoying sweeping views of Mount Fuji.

2. Sands SkyPark Infinity Pool, Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore

This slightly scary rooftop pool disappears over the side of the roof, and only the brave can swim right up to the edge to peer down 57 floors at Singapore’s financial district.

The pool seems to go on forever giving every guest plenty of space to show off their swimming skills, and waiters are on hand to bring refreshing cocktails and nibbles.

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3. The Vine, Madeira, Portugal

Photo: hotelthevine.com

This achingly trendy hotel offers a breath-taking rooftop pool complete with a 20 meter Jacuzzi and poolside cabanas offering vinotherapy sessions.

Gaze out on the tranquil waters of Funchal Bay and Fort São João surrounded by soaring mountains before heading downstairs for a gourmet meal at the The Vine hotel’s UVA restaurant.

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4. Rooftop Lounge, Thompson Hotel Toronto, Canada

Photo: thompsonhotels.com

For a more private experience, this infinity-edge pool sits on top of an exclusive boutique Thompson Hotel meaning you won’t have to worry about overcrowding.

The pool offers 360-degree panoramic views of the Toronto skyline, and after a relaxing swim guests can join in with one of the daily yoga classes held in the hotel’s wellness spa.

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5. Hotel Unique, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Photo: hotelunique.com.br

This designer hotel is shaped like a giant boat and is the creation of architect Ruy Ohtake.

The huge rooftop pool of Hotel Unique features its own underwater sound system and at night it transforms into a crimson red lake that provides an exciting party atmosphere so guests can dance the night away under the stars in Sao Paulo.

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6. The Rooftop, The Standard, Los Angeles

No one does rooftop parties like California, and The Standard offers incredible views of downtown LA from its rooftop pool and adjacent cocktail lounge.

Party like a celebrity in front of the hotel’s roaring outdoor fireplaces before relaxing on one of the vibrating waterbeds with a freshly mixed cocktail.

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7. Joule Pool, The Joule Hotel, Dallas

Photo: thejouledallas.com

This incredible pool is encased in a glass box and sticks out over the top of the hotel 10 stories high. Joule Pool in Dallas really has to be seen to be believed, and the only thing separating swimmers from the streets below is a single pane of glass.

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8. Luna Bar, Pacific Regency Hotel Suites, Kuala Lumpur

Photo: pacific-regency.com

Kuala Lumpur offers a truly spectacular skyline and what better way to appreciate it than from a rooftop pool 34 floors above the city?

Pacific Regency hotel is an exclusive five-star establishment that is comprised of all suites, so you can be sure of only the very finest company in this magnificent location.

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9. Two Story Sky Villa, The Palms, Las Vegas

Those lucky enough to gain access to this truly jaw-dropping pool overlooking the Las Vegas Strip will also enjoy a 24-hour butler service, private glass elevator, wet bar and private terrace.

The pool is reserved only for those staying in Two Story Sky Villa and with prices starting at $40,000 per night you may want to make the most of this awe-inspiring accommodation.

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10. Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

At 500 feet, the Marina Bay Sands’ rooftop pool is the biggest in the world and may also be the most spectacular. Situated 55 stories up in the Sands SkyPark, this incredible creation is the work of Architect Moshe Safdie, and the pool is framed by 250 different species of trees and several hundred species of tropical plants.

Although it is technically a swimming pool, goggles and nose-clips have no place in a rooftop pool and you should stick to designer swimwear and expensive accessories in order to blend in with the beautiful people.

Even if you don’t actually get in the water, rooftop pools offer a stunning backdrop for lavish parties where you can sip champagne cocktails and experience the life of the rich and famous. What do you think about this list? Share your thoughts, please.