10 Scariest Rooftop Hotel Pools in the World


An infinity edge pool refers to a pool whose edge disappears from view and gives a waterfall effect that makes for a stunning aesthetic. Whilst this may not sound too scary, when the edge of the pool is situated 50 stories up on a rooftop overlooking the city, the results can be quite startling. The following 10 rooftop hotel pools are designed to impress, and only the very brave can muster the courage to swim out to the edge and peer over the side at the streets below.

1. Harbour Plaza Hotel, Hong Kong

Photo: harbour-plaza.com

This infinity pool offers captivating views of the Hong Kong harbour, and guests can swim right up the edge to gaze down at the boats floating on the water far below. One side of the pool is made entirely out of glass to give swimmers the feeling as though they are suspended above the bay.