20 World’s Dangerous Vacation Destinations


There’s one obvious reason why I hate watching TV news. It’s because I start believing that the world is now more dangerous than ever and the best way to be safe is to stay home. It’s actually the worst way. The last thing you want to regret about, when you will be on your deathbed, is not traveling.

When I need or want to visit a new country or city, I always check the US and UK government websites that regularly publish travel warnings to find out the latest news about certain country or place. The list isn’t the ranking. It simply contains information to let you know about the places that it’s advisable to avoid right now.

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1. Afghanistan

One of the most breathtaking destinations, the Golden Land, Myanmar, or Burma, isn’t that safe for tourists. Although there are no accurate crime statistics, according to anecdotal evidence there’s a risk of crime, including petty theft, mugging, and burglary. Monitor travel advice, alerts and warnings before planning your trip to Myanmar. International GSM roaming isn’t available in the country.

15. Democratic Republic of Congo

The US and UK governments advise against all travel to the eastern and north eastern areas of Democratic Republic of the Congo, and all but essential travel to the rest of the country. There’s a high risk of kidnapping for ransom, particularly in areas west and north of Goma, North Kivu. When visiting the country, avoid the crowds and any type of demonstrations, stay away from people offering you cut price diamonds and gold, and be alert whenever you go.

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16. Central African Republic

The US and UK governments advise against all travel to the Central African Republic. There’s no British Embassy so you won’t get any help if you decide to visit the CAR against all the travel warnings. Tensions are extremely high across the country. There’s a high risk of kidnapping, reprisal killings, violence, looting and human rights abuses.

17. Guatemala

Panachajel and Antigua are among the popular tourist destinations in Guatemala. In fact, Guatemala is a safe country, but not for women, especially those who travel alone. Violence against women is a huge problem in Guatemala. According to the United Nations, at least two women are killed every day. Guatemala ranks 3rd in the killings of women in the world. So ladies, this destination is definitely not for you.

18. Danakil Depression, Eritrea

The Danakil Depression is a breathtaking place that I’d like to visit one day, but unfortunately it’s extremely dangerous. Situated in the Afar Region near the border with Eritrea and Ethiopia where there’s much tension, it isn’t the safest vacation destination. The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office advise against all travel to any of Eritrea’s border areas.

19. Nigeria

There’s a very high threat from terrorism in Nigeria. Most attacks happen in the north east, particularly in Yobe, Borno, Gombe and Adamawa States. There’s also a high risk of kidnapping, especially in the Kogi region. If you are planning your trip to Nigeria, check out the places you can visit and should avoid here.

20. Georgia

With its green wooded valleys, snow-capped mountains, unique wildlife and exquisite cuisine, Georgia boasts spectacular beauty and is a rather safe country, yet The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office advise against all travel to Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

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Forewarned is forearmed. This is a principle I live by. Sure, each country has its own issues and this list may be endless since we live in a very cruel world. When traveling, be alert and monitor local news to avoid any dangerous demonstrations. I believe that all of these 20 destinations will be safe in the future and we will have an opportunity to enjoy these captivating places.