10 Best Gay Honeymoon Destinations


The best honeymoons consist of long, lazy afternoons spent lounging together on the beach and candlelit dinners in intimate restaurants. Therefore, it is essential to select a destination that is tolerant of same-sex relationships in order to enjoy your first holiday as a married couple. Travel agencies specialising in gay honeymoons have become more widespread as an increasing number of countries have legalised same-sex marriages. Many offer specialised packages that appeal to every type of holidaymaker from beach-bums to city-lovers. The following list comprises some of the best destinations for the LGBT community that will ensure an unforgettable honeymoon experience.

1. Caribbean

The Caribbean is at the top of most people’s honeymoon wish list regardless of their sexual orientation. It is important to remember that not every part of the Caribbean is tolerant of gay marriage. Male couples should definitely steer clear of islands such as Jamaica and Barbados unless you are willing to stay within the confines of your resort. Thankfully, there are plenty of gay-friendly islands to choose from including Saint Barts, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands and Saint-Martin.

2. Las Vegas

If relaxing on the beach is not your thing, why not consider the heady excitement of Las Vegas? The city of sin welcomes all visitors regardless of sexual preference and offers a vibrant gay scene known as the ‘Fruit Loop’. Almost all of the large hotels are gay-friendly. You can check for the rainbow flag symbol on hotel websites before booking. Some hotels even cater exclusively for gay couples to ensure a completely open and relaxed environment.

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3. Greece

Although gay marriage is not legal in Greece, the museums and cultural centres are bursting with paintings, sculptures and plays that have strong homosexual themes. The islands of Mykonos and Lesbos are both considered to be gay Meccas that attract thousands of same-sex couples each and every year. Almost every touristic part of Greece is tolerant of the LGBT community, but be wary of small towns and villages especially those in the most northern regions.

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4. Cape Town

South Africa has helped to advance the gay rights movement by becoming the first African country to legalise same-sex marriage. The move was considered ground-breaking considering that many countries on the same continent consider homosexuality to be worthy of the death penalty. This is good news for the LGBT community who are now flocking to the country to sample local delights such as wine tasting, safari trips, fine dining and surfing.

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5. Mexico

Although Puerto Vallarta is considered to be the most gay-friendly region of Mexico, Cancun also offers plenty of attractions for gay honeymooners. Those looking for a luxury, all-inclusive honeymoon break will fall in love with Cancun’s tropical climate and palm-fringed beaches. Be wary of rural areas and dangerous parts of the inner-city that will not be so happy to see same-sex couples openly declaring their love for each other.

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6. Paris

Gay Paree offers just about everything you could ever want from a romantic, urban honeymoon. Gourmet cuisine, fine wines, history and art can all be found within minutes of each other. The city of Paris also once had an openly gay mayor, so the sight of male couples holding hands barely raises an eyebrow in the capital. Not a fan of Paris? Try Montpelier for a less touristic, gay-friendly destination.

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7. Spain

The beautiful, welcoming city of Barcelona is a must for every gay traveller and provides a spectacular setting for an unforgettable honeymoon. Soak up the culture by touring the local wineries, museums, and art galleries before hitting the vibrant gay nightspots that line the city streets. Relax during the day on one of the many gay beaches such as the Platja de la Mar Bella.

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8. Canada

Pretty much every large Canadian city is welcoming towards LGBT tourists. Canada has strict laws protecting gay and lesbian travellers from any type of harassment or intimidation making it one of the safer options for a gay honeymoon. Vancouver and Toronto are popular destinations due to their friendly locals and trendy nightspots.

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9. Switzerland

Switzerland may not be the first destination that springs to mind for a romantic honeymoon, but one glimpse of the snow-capped mountain ranges will soon change your mind. Choose from a range of different activities including skiing, hiking and wine-tasting. Those looking for nightlife should head to Geneva or Zurich for a selection of bars, nightclubs and spas.

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10. Buenos Aires

Those looking for a cultural experience need look no further than the majestic country of Argentina. Dive into the local malbec wines from Mendoza before sampling some traditional empanadas and chorizo sausage. The Art Hotel is located in the centre of Buenos Aires and offers 36 individually designed rooms featuring exhibitions from local artists. Argentina approved same sex marriage in 2010 making it an ideal destination for gay honeymooners.

After the stress and excitement of planning and hosting your wedding, the honeymoon provides the ideal opportunity to unwind and reconnect with your partner. This can only be done in an area where you both feel safe and relaxed. Gay couples have just as much right as the rest of the population to express their love and commitment to one another. However, until the rest of the world catches up with modern society, it is best to stick to gay-friendly destinations to avoid problems.