10 Fantastic Destinations to Visit in 2014


All of us see breathtaking sports events, impressive skyscraper debuts, royal coronations and bright holiday celebrations in our future. We aren’t crazy, but we can actually predict which countries and cities will draw more tourists in 2014. The following destinations all boast something special happening this year, whether it’s an acclaimed event, a momentous anniversary, or simply one huge, awesome party. Check out the list of 10 fantastic destinations everyone should definitely visit in 2014.

1. Dubai

Dubai is an awesome place to visit any time of the year and it’s no wonder that it tops the list of fantastic destinations everyone should visit in 2014. Since the government of Emirates is offering a range of financial incentives for hotel developers to build new, mid-range hotels in Dubai between now and 2017, tourists can expect a great number of amazing hotels in the metropolis of the Middle East. A range of luxury properties, the type of places that make many travelers’ bucket lists next to world-class cities and national parks, are opening. The fabulous Anantara Dubai The Palm Resort & Spa that boasts over-water bungalows with glass floors through which you can observe an exciting ocean life, welcomes every tourist. In 2014, the Dream Dubai hotel that comprises 101 floors will also make its debut. Even though the hotel won’t be as tall as the Burj Khalifa, it will definitely top the list of the tallest hotels in the world. Other things to watch in Dubai in 2014 include the spectacular Palazzo Versace and the Sofitel Dubai Downtown.