10 Top-Flight US Airport Restaurants


It is inevitable that travelers find themselves stuck at airports on empty stomachs, waiting for delayed flights or just killing time between connecting flights. Most often, people are in a rush and end up consuming fast food in the form of burgers and pizza. Recently, more airports are bringing in gourmet restaurants and eating establishments to provide travelers with a wider selection of sit-down environments to relax and enjoy a meal before or between flights. The best airport restaurants in the United States include:

1. Encounter Restaurant at California’s Los Angeles International Airport

Built in 1961, the Theme Building at Los Angeles International Airport was built as a freestanding structure designed to represent a flying saucer. Known for the 360-degree views, the Encounter Restaurant currently occupies the space. Travelers can enjoy the California-style dishes offered at this space-age restaurant, including organic salads and unique entrees such as Wild Mushroom Ravioli served with grilled asparagus.