10 Top-Flight US Airport Restaurants


It is inevitable that travelers find themselves stuck at airports on empty stomachs, waiting for delayed flights or just killing time between connecting flights. Most often, people are in a rush and end up consuming fast food in the form of burgers and pizza. Recently, more airports are bringing in gourmet restaurants and eating establishments to provide travelers with a wider selection of sit-down environments to relax and enjoy a meal before or between flights.

The best airport restaurants in the United States include:

1. Spring Chicken at Miami International Airport

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Concourse D, Terminal D22

You are welcome to relive the dream of carefree beach snacking on your return from Miami with a fried chicken sandwich at one of the best airport restaurants in the US. Spring Chicken is located in Miami-Dade County, Florida.

Here you can enjoy tasting chicken, served in various ways, for example, with Swiss cheese, bacon, tomatoes, pickles, ranch, and avocado on a potato bun. Spring Chicken is the place to relax, take pleasure in food and socialize.

2. New Belgium Hub at Colorado’s Denver International Airport

Concourse B, B32

When travelers are looking for a good bite to eat at the Denver International Airport, they can head over to New Belgium Hub in Terminal B. Many people stop by for good bar food, but the true draw is their locally crafted beer. The most popular brews sold at the New Belgium Hub are Ranger IPA and Fat Tire Amber Ale.

Moreover, travelers usually appreciate the design of this one of the best airport restaurants in the US. Light wood, slate, charcoal finishes, bright red and gold accents create a cozy atmosphere. The service of the airport restaurant is on a high level too.

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3. Brookwood Farms at North Carolina’s Charlotte International Airport

5501 Josh Birmingham Pkwy

With their own onsite smoker, Brookwood Farms draws a healthy crowd at Charlotte International Airport. The restaurant is located in the main terminal atrium and can be reached after security. Their pulled-pork sandwich and ribs plate are second to none.

The airport restaurant staff who take your order are friendly, helpful, and attentive to detail, so you don’t have to repeat several times. Moreover, the pleasant interior of this one of the best airport restaurants in the US contributes to dining in a good mood.

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4. Cat Cora’s Kitchen at California’s San Francisco International Airport

Terminal 2

The cooks of Iron Chef Cat Cora’s restaurant at SFO focus on using fresh and organic ingredients in a range of innovative tapas and cocktails. The airport restaurant emphasizes using local produce whenever possible. When local ingredients are unavailable, the finest organic, natural, or artisan quality ingredients are used.

Cat Cora’s Kitchen is one of the best airport restaurants in the US and draws quite a crowd who crave its famous lobster mac and cheese. The airport restaurant serves tapas-style dishes for travelers to enjoy while they await their upcoming flights. Visitors are delighted with delicious lamb cutlets, grilled cheese, and tomato soup.

Located in Terminal 2, Cat Cora’s Kitchen is a green, environmentally friendly site to eat some snacks and enjoy some unique cocktails as well. This one of the best airport restaurants in the US offers incredibly delicious takeaway food. Moreover, the restaurant is also famous for its professional service. That is a big plus of this airport restaurant in the US.

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5. Shoyu at Minnesota’s Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport

Terminal 1, Concourse G

When travelers walk up to the counter to place their orders at Shoyu in the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, they find themselves in front of an iPad to place their delicious food orders. If you love Asian food and crave a hot bowl of spicy soup, hand-rolled sushi, or some fantastic fried noodles, this is the perfect place for you. In addition, popular menu items include pork belly pot stickers and Thai lettuce wraps.

While waiting for their orders to materialize, travelers can play on the iPad or watch the chefs cook up the meal in their open kitchen. Another excellent thing about this place is the incredible decor. The guests of the restaurant are also fully-satisfied with the service.

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6. Vino Volo at Washington, D.C.’s Dulles International Airport

Concourse B – Gate B63

At Dulles International Airport, wine connoisseurs can enjoy a fine beverage and talk to experts while waiting for their flights. Vino Volo offers travelers with a wide selection of gourmet wines along with some snacks to soak it all up.

The calm atmosphere of this one of the best airport restaurants in the US will undoubtedly elevate your mood with helpful and knowledgeable staff, a pleasant restaurant setting, and a quiet atmosphere. Therefore, this airport restaurant is an excellent place to have a glass of wine and a light lunch before a grueling flight. Vino Volo is located near gate C3.

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7. Obrycki’s at Maryland’s Baltimore-Washington International Airport

Concourse B between gates B-7 and B-9

Travelers who want to squeeze in one last seafood meal before leaving the east coast can head to Obrycki’s at BWI. Their crab cakes are their most popular menu item and can be consumed in different ways, including between slider buns. Soups and salads are also available for those who shy away from crabs.

According to customer reviews, the staff and service at this one of the best airport restaurants in the US will delight you with their helpfulness and high-level competence. Moreover, the reasonable prices of this airport restaurant are affordable for all guests.

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8. Tortas Fronteras at Illinois’ Chicago O’Hare Airport

Terminal 3

Executive Chef Rick Bayless is famous for his Mexican restaurants around the Chicagoland area. His Tortas Fronteras restaurants at O’Hare Airport’s Terminals 1 and 3 offer travelers tortas, molletes, and homemade, fresh guacamole. So, the menu is mainly represented by Mexican dishes. However, a page with yogurts is provided for lovers of light breakfasts. Chef Bayless prides himself on serving antibiotic-free chicken and other organic foods.

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9. Deep Blue at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport

Terminal 5 Jamaica

When it comes to gourmet restaurants, often people don’t think of going to the airport. At the JetBlue Terminal at JFK International Airport, Chef Michael Schulson, formerly at Buddakan, has devised a scrumptious menu to include yakitori, tempura, noodles, and sushi. There are also unique entrees such as the Shiso Lamb Chop adorned with braised daikon. Therefore, at Deep Blue you can enjoy the most stunningly good airport lunch you’ll ever have outside Atlanta.

Deep Blue’s ambiance gives travelers an escape from the hustle and bustle of a busy airport. High-level service, stunning interior, and relaxed atmosphere make This place incredibly charming and cozy.

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10. One Flew South at Georgia’s Atlanta International Airport

6000 N Terminal Pkwy

One Flew South at Atlanta International Airport is ranked as one of the top airport restaurants. Located near Gate 26 in terminal E in the airport, One Flew South is an Asian restaurant known for their sushi rolls just like in Japan and spicy Asian soups. Fans of American cuisine can always find the usual sandwiches and burgers here. In addition, the restaurant offers an excellent selection of wines and desserts – sweet snacks, dry biscuits, and chocolate puddings.

The restaurant boasts a 30-foot sushi bar with pine and marble décor. Chefs Todd Richards and Duane Nutter started up this restaurant, bringing their experiences from The Oakroom from the Seelbach Hilton in Kentucky.

What are the best airport restaurants in the world?

Located in London Heathrow Airport, Plane Food is one of the best airport restaurants in the whole world. There, passengers are treated to world-famous chef Gordon Ramsey, owner of a dozen Michelin stars. The stylish Plane Food restaurant serves a variety of cuisines, from fried pork to gourmet seafood dishes. The special children’s menu is a big plus of this airport restaurant. As part of the special Grab and Go menu, you can take food from the restaurant with you on board.

Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam also can boast of one of the best airport restaurants in the world. The restaurant bar, Bubbles Seafood and Wine Bar, offers guests to enjoy the freshest oysters, lobsters with the best champagne, and of course, many other seafood dishes. In addition, a sparkling toast for a successful flight and a large selection of sushi are also serviced there.

What time does airport restaurants open and close?

In fact, there is not one sure answer, as it greatly depends on the airport and its restaurant. But, usually, they work from 10 a.m. till 9 p.m. However, some airport restaurants work around the clock.

What is the highest-rated airport restaurant in the world?

Porta Gaig at El Prat Airport in Barcelona is the highest-rated airport restaurant in the whole world. It is not surprising, given that it is run by the Michelin-starred Catalan Carles Gage, who received his first star in 1993. The restaurant has panoramic windows, modern furniture, and minimalist decor. The interior, not burdened with bright colors and decorative ornaments, makes you focus on the main thing – food. Porta Gaig serves some of the region’s traditional dishes, including croquettes, fried cod, Pata Negra ham, and crispy suckling pig.

Rather than heading to the nearest fast-food hamburger or pizza joint at the airport, travelers can now branch out and enjoy some gourmet food while they are waiting for their next flights. These havens offer travelers a place to escape and take a break from the rush that is often seen at airports.