5 Great Tourist Attractions in Malta


With the credit crunch still being felt in our wallets, trips to exotic locations might be beyond most people’s budgets. Thankfully, there’s some exotic locations right on Europe’s doorstep. Malta, with its Mediterranean climate, can be the perfect place for a quiet holiday exploring ancient ruins, majestic churches and the many beaches dotted around the country. Whatever you enjoy doing, be sure you visit these 5 amazing tourist attractions.

1. St. John’s Co-Cathedral

See this building from the outside, and you could be forgiven for thinking it’s simply yet another church, as you will no doubt see while you go around Malta. Take a step inside however, and be awed by the gold plating on every surface, the elaborate designs in stone and the world-class paintings by renowned artists. Said to be one of the richest churches in the world, this legacy from the time of the Sovereign Order of the Knights of St. John has withstood the plunder of Napolean and Luftwaffe air raids during the Second World War to remain a must-see for every person visiting the Maltese Islands.