5 Best Places to Scuba Dive in the Atlantic Ocean


Regardless of whether you choose an Atlantic adventure, a Pacific paradise, or anywhere beyond or in between, there is no shortage of places in the world in which to have amazing scuba diving experiences, regardless of whether you are a novice or beginning scuba diver, or an expert in the field.

This sampling of scuba diving vacation destinations is intended to provide novice or beginning scuba divers with a mere introduction for the kinds of scuba diving experiences that are available worldwide.

Once a scuba diver has completed the required training and instruction, the underwater realm offers a multitude of possibilities for discovery, exploration, education, and adventure. The following examples represent just a few of those possibilities.

There are several periodicals and websites devoted to the world of scuba diving. Most of these periodicals complete an annual survey of the best places to scuba dive based on readership polling. Invariably, the best places are chosen for different reasons. Categories can range from geographic location to the abundance of marine life or types of scuba diving available, just to offer a few examples.

In 2013, then, the best overall places to dive in the Atlantic included Mexico, Bonaire, the Bahamas, the British Cayman Islands, and Turks and Caicos. All of these scuba diving vacation destinations have received numerous commendations over the years for their excellent scuba diving experiences. They represent the best that scuba diving has to offer, not only in the Atlantic, but worldwide as well.

1. Mexico

Mexico is often listed as a premier scuba destination for several reasons. First, the Yucatan peninsula is home to not one, but two, scuba diving wonders: the Great Maya Barrier Reef, and some of the world’s most famous Cenotes, “sink holes.”

The Great Maya Barrier Reef stretches along the coastline of the eastern side of the Yucatan peninsula down through Belize to Honduras. Ranging more than two hundred miles long (320 km), it is the second largest barrier reef in the world.

The Cenotes, “sink holes,” that can also be found along the coast line of the Yucatan peninsula are some of the most unique and distinctive in the world. They offer scuba divers, both recreational and technical, the opportunity to explore fish and plant life that cannot be seen anywhere else.