The Best Times of Year to Visit Bali


Bali has long been known as a beautiful, tropical island paradise. It is for this reason that millions of travellers from around the world visit the island’s sandy shores every year. The appeal of Bali includes sun, surf, and the unique and vibrant culture of the island’s predominantly Hindu population. Knowing the best times of year to travel to Bali can be vital in planning and enjoying a truly amazing vacation on the ‘island of the gods’.

Rainy and dry season

Like most tropical islands, Bali has two distinct seasons, the rainy season and the dry season. Rainy season generally falls between November and April, and depending on the area, the days can be quite humid and wet. Temperatures often hover between 26 and 35 degrees Celsius, and it usually rains everyday for at least a few hours. The dry season is from May to October when the days are typically sunny and bright and temperatures range between 23 and 31 degrees Celsius. If sightseeing, trekking, snorkelling, or any other outdoor activities are your thing, it may be better to travel in the dry season.

Weather patterns

In addition to being aware of the weather patterns in Bali, it is also important to realize that due to its popularity as a holiday destination Bali has a high tourist season and a low tourist season. July, August and September are the busiest times of year in Bali as is the Christmas holiday season in late December and early January. Crowds are at their highest in these months, traffic in busy areas comes to a standstill, and prices for accommodation can skyrocket. If you prefer peace and quiet and discounted prices you may wish to travel outside of the high tourist season.

Wave patterns

And finally, surfers may want to plan their trip to Southeast Asia’s undisputed top surfing destination based on the wave patterns. During November to April the east coast of Bali gets hammered with massive waves, so this is a good time for experienced surfers to hit giant swells. From April to October, the west coast of Bali gets heavy wind and large to medium sized waves, which are good for intermediate and advanced surfers. For beginners, the months between March and November are good times to learn how to surf on the beaches in the south, as the waves are quite moderate and the weather is pleasant.

Overall, if you want a perfect vacation in Bali that includes great weather, lots of outdoor activities, freedom from crowds and low prices, the best time to visit Bali is in the months of May, June or October. Surfers on the other hand, may want to check the wave charts when planning a surfing holiday to Bali.