9 Beautiful Islands in Asia Worth Visiting


Just think about islands in Asia and wonderful images of soft sandy beaches, gently swaying palm trees and turquoise seas come to mind. I’ve got a list of 9 beautiful islands in Asia worth visiting. Some of these islands are popular throughout the world, while others are less known, but they have something really special and they’re unique in their own ways!

1. Perhentian Islands, Malaysia

A group of small islands, the Perhentian islands, are located just off the shore of the Malaysian province of Terengganu. Perhentian Kecil (small island) and Perhentian Besar (big island) are two main islands. Perhentian Kecil is more popular among budget travelers and back packers, since it’s substantially cheaper while Perhentian Besar a little pricey and more popular among luxury seeking tourists.