9 World’s Most Expensive Hotels


The world’s most expensive hotels are extremely extravagant. And even if flying first class and living five stars is not an option for many of us, it’s still interesting to know how the others live. Check out a few of the most expensive hotels in the world.

1. Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab is among the most recognizable and famous buildings in the globe. The average price of a room is about $1,611 per night, but can also reach up to $5,000 per night. And if you want the Royal Suite, you will have to pay $20,000 per night. One of my favorite things about the Burj al Arab is the way it looks, but you cannot actually see that if you are inside it.

I know many people will agree that Burj Al Arab reflects all the best that our world has to offer. With an excellent check-in, a reception desk on each floor and a team of highly-trained butlers, you will get the best personal service during your stay. While staying at Burj Al Arab, be sure to hire chauffeur driven Rolls Royce. This will be the most exciting experience of your life! Trust me!

2. Le Dune, Forte Village Resort

Photo: fortevillageresort.com

This is one of the world’s most expensive hotels, which is situated in Sardinia, Italy. The seaside resort is situated in one of the most scenic locations on earth. Pay $2,500 per night and you will get luxury settings, idyllic Mediterranean views, and access to plenty of resort services.

The hotel boasts 24 luxurious bungalow-suites on the first floor and ground with twin and double bedroom, with sliding doors to a separate lounge with a sofa that can be converted into a double bed, bathroom (some bathroom is fitted with a whirlpool bath) as well as private furnished terrace or patio. Last year my friend stayed in Le Dune for four nights, and she said that it’s absolutely amazing place and she just loved everything about it! Have you ever stayed in Le Dune?

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3. The Mansion at the MGM Grand

Designed in an opulent Italian fashion, the Mansion at the MGM Grand is situated in Las Vegas. The hotel boasts itself an exclusivity and privacy. The prices are very high – the cost of a room is about $5,000 per night. And the guest list has a sense of exclusivity about it, since the hotel’s site stating that it is for ‘qualified guests only.’

I think there’s no better place in Las Vegas than the Mansion at the MGM Grand. Both design and decor are breathtaking and the staff of this hotel is really outstanding. Total privacy and luxury are the only words you need to describe this place. Sure, it’s a bit expensive, but it’s well worth the money!

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4. Royal Mansour Hotel

If you ever go to Marrakech and you have $2,000 dollars to spare, you might want to spend the night at the Royal Mansour hotel. $2,000 per night is the average price of a room. You will have access to lush spas, relaxing abodes and restaurant menus created by Michelin-starred chefs.

The hotel is styled on traditional Moroccan hospitality and architecture. Beautiful entrance area gives you an idea of what you’re walking into. Each detail is the epitome of luxury and elegance. The magnificent grounds, super friendly and attentive staff, and excellent service make Royal Mansour one of the most expensive hotels in the world!

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5. The St. Regis Bora Bora Resort

Located in Bora Bora, French Polynesia, this luxury hotel resort offers the most exclusive accommodation and services. The resort boasts a wide range of accommodation, with villas located over the water or on land. The average price is around $1,500 per night.

With white beaches, clear waters, a variety of marine life and jungle-covered mountains, the St. Regis Bora Bora Resort is one of the most luxurious and romantic spots in the world. You can enjoy tropical drinks and eat at one of the three different restaurants: a poolside restaurant, a sushi bar and Jean George Vongerichten’s The Lagoon. However, you should know that everything closes early. I think that’s not a big problem, and you?

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6. Hotel Le Bristol

Photo: lebristolparis.com

Expensive and elegant taste seems to go hand-in-hand with Paris. Hotel Le Bristol is among the most expensive hotels in the world. The cost of a room is about $1,000 and can reach $10,000 for more luxury suites.

Hotel Le Bristol has something to offer for everyone. The swimming pool, which is made of teak and glass, opens onto a vast solarium with views of Paris. If you lead a healthy lifestyle, there is also a great fitness center, which is equipped with the most updated machines.

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7. The Wakaya Club

A private island resort situated in Fiji, the Wakaya Club boasts an unusual nature and picturesque location that perhaps plays a great role in the prices of rooms. The average price of a room is about $2,400 per night, but can also reach $7,600 for a royal suite. The prices are all inclusive; they include laundry services, all meals, and some activities.

The Wakaya Club offers not only gracious living and international cuisine but also extraordinary leisure opportunities, including snorkeling and scuba diving, available just a few minutes away from your accommodation. This hotel property also may offer room-only rates.

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8. The Grand Resort Lagonissi, Athens, Greece

People say that if the hotel’s Royal Villa (1,188 square meters) doesn’t impress you, then nothing in the globe ever will! The suite comes with an amazing panoramic view and what I like the most about it is that you can lie in the bath and enjoy the sunset, since the bathroom has remote control blinds. Moreover, a private chef and a butler are included. If you want to stay at the Royal Villa for the night, it will cost you about $48,000.

The Grand Resort Lagonissi offers you a world of excellent wining and dining choices. You can enjoy International and Greek cuisine at 10 award-winning restaurants. There are also fitness and recreation opportunities for the whole family. The water sports center provides you with a wide range of options to choose from.

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9. The Hotel President Wilson, Geneva, Switzerland

One of the most expensive hotels in the world, Hotel President Wilson offers the massive 1,195 square meters King’s Penthouse that has 4 bedrooms, and 6 bathrooms. It also has a grandiose party hall for more than 35 people. You shouldn’t worry about your security, because the suite is equipped with bulletproof windows. The average price is around $31,000 per night.

The Hotel President Wilson boasts all the world-class amenities, including Spa, Fitness Centre open 24/24, beauty center and hairdresser. During the summer time, you can enjoy the picturesque Pool Terrace overlooking Lake Geneva and the Alps. Being known as international conference venue, the hotel offers the conference and meeting facilities and such exclusive services as business center and free Internet access in the public areas.

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These are only a few of the world’s most expensive hotels. Do you know any other most expensive hotels? Share your thoughts, please.