7 Best Exotic Destinations to Visit in 2013


I like to explore new places, find new wonderful coves and beaches, and discover new towns. If you are anything like me, then check out some of the best exotic destinations to visit this year.

1. Niyama

Photo: niyama.peraquum.com

Niyama, the Maldives, boasts the world’s first underwater nightclub, Sub Six, which located 6 meters under the water. Are you impressed? Keep reading…The glass walls allow you to view the marine life, and there is also a wide range of drinks on offer. It’s got everything you would expect, from international DJs to luxurious leather sofas. Plus, there are some beach studios situated nearby to stay in.

2. Komodo National Park

Another best exotic destination to visit this year is the Komodo National Park in Bali and Lombok. The best time to visit it is between April and June. There is not only amazing wildlife, there are actually many things to view. Many tour companies provide opportunities to explore Ubud, Nusa Dua Beach and one of the most relaxed islands Lombok.

3. India

Visiting India isn’t anything new, but today this country has become much easier to explore. There are some English-speaking group tours that make seeing the popular destinations including Delhi, Udaipur and Jaipur a lot easier. There are more relaxed places like the Kerala Blackwaters and Cochin on offer too. You’ll go in a small group, and have all transfers, services and meals included.

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4. Mozambique

There is a new luxury resort in Mozambique that you’ll definitely want to visit! It’s Azura at Qulialea, a private island paradise in Quirimbas Archipelago. 9 villas are situated just minutes from wonderful beaches and pristine waters, and the African-chic style is perfect for relaxing. Having perfect temperatures and amazing wildlife, it’s a wonderful place to relax. There are many package deals that include transfers and flights, meals, drinks, a butler, and trails for exploring.

5. Puerto Rico

This year I’ll surely visit Puerto Rico, because it’s one of my dream destinations! Puerto Rico combines that amazing wildlife with easy-going, relaxed vibe and the best nightlife. It’s natural, exotic and urban, and there’s a lot of opportunity to travel at your own pace with self-drive tour. Whale watching in San Juan, El Yunque National Park and Rincon are gripping, and there are amazing dives and stunning caves on offer too.

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6. Ecuador

Ecuador is one of 2013’s best destinations, with a great variety of new tours and numerous activities on offer. This country is packed with natural wonders, communities and cultures, and you will definitely fall in love with it! Visit Quito, a bustling and vibrant capital city. You can also visit communities in the Amazon rainforest and the Andes, along with the breathtaking Avenue of Volcanoes.

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7. Chichen Itza

In recent times the Mayans have grown in popularity, especially after some explorers said that the Mayans predicted the world would end in 2012. The Mayans built amazing buildings across the Honduras, Mexico and Guatemala, and Chichen Itza is a particular favorite. Gory stories and numerous breathtaking sights, make Chichen Itza a perfect place to visit this year.

I can’t wait to start my next adventure! There are so many places I’d like to visit! And where would you like to go this year? Do you know any other exotic destinations? Share your thoughts, please!