7 Useful Tips for Traveling by RV


If you dream of packing up a motorhome and heading out on the open road, but you are new to this type of travel, you will definitely want to know some useful tips for traveling by RV. RV travel is a great way not only to see your own country, but also to travel around foreign countries. Taking a RV trip can also be a fabulous experience, but it needs planning and sensible approach. Check out a few useful tips for traveling by RV.

1. Plan

It is so tempting to turn on the ignition and just drive off, but you have to do careful planning beforehand. First, plan your routes, and then figure out where gas stations are, otherwise you could run out of gas on the road and get stranded! You might also need a guide to the campsites, so that you can use their facilities.

2. Choose your travel companions carefully

Traveling in a motorhome can get tiresome very quickly, so make sure that you choose someone you can really get along with. Pick someone who will share the costs, driving and chores, and who will want to do the same things. Otherwise, traveling with them can drive you crazy!

3. Consider the time of year

Think of the time of year that will be most convenient to travel. Sure, winter is not the best time to travel in cold areas, and even though a summer trip sounds enticing, a motorhome may be very stifling in the heat. Many people take a RV trip in spring, so you can do the same.

4. Pack light

If you decide to travel in a motorhome you should know that storage space is very limited, that’s why it’s so important to pack light! Don’t cram everything you think you might need into all of the suitcases you have. You have to learn how to make the best use of space, and pack only what you really need.

5. Choose multipurpose items

Most multipurpose items are extremely practical for a trip in a motorhome. As I said before, there is not so much space to keep all things. Choose things that have more than just one use. It’s especially relevant for outfits and kitchen equipment, because a kitchen is tiny in a motorhome!

6. Cook simple meals

It’s extremely difficult to cook complicated meals in the kitchens of motorhomes. Facilities are very limited, with minimum preparation space and only two rings. Choose food that is easy to cook, and don’t buy too much.

7. Learn some basic maintenance skills

I’m not going to tell you to become a skilled mechanic, but you need to learn some basic repair and maintenance skills. Knowing how to do basic mechanical jobs, such as checking the oil and water will help you keep your motorhome in a good condition.

There are many things that should be taken into account, and it’s very important to get as much information as you can. Have you ever taken a RV trip? Do you have any tips? Share them with us, please.