9 Cruise Trips You Are Sure to Love


There are so many places to go and things to see, and I have a lot of ideas for amazing cruise trips. I enjoy exploring glaciers in Alaska and wonderful tropical beaches in Hawaii. And what about you? Whatever your dream, check out a few cruise trips you will definitely love.

1. Alaska

Most people think of cruising as a perfect way to visit some tropical places. However, there are many amazing Alaskan cruises departing every year in summer from such locations as Vancouver and Seattle. Explore glaciers, plan a whale watch and don’t forget to attend a salmon bake. I really enjoy the beautiful landscapes and scenery of Alaska. This is one of the best cruise trips you are sure to love!

2. Caribbean islands

From Puerto Rico, St. Maarten to Jamaica, the Caribbean is one of the most popular destinations for cruisers any time of the year. No matter whether you’re going to learn about an island’s history, shop, or just chill out at the beach, you will definitely enjoy your trip.

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3. Hawaii

Whether you depart directly from Honolulu or sail across from the mainland, there’s surely nothing more romantic and amazing than traveling from island to island with your love. And the best thing about visiting all Hawaii is that you will gather lots of ideas about which island you would like to visit again in the future.

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4. New England and Canada

Cruises throughout Canada and New England allow you to enjoy all the best entertainment and food. With stops in such cities as Halifax, Portland and Boston, you are sure to be impressed by breathtaking scenery each step of the way. I’m going to take the cruise this fall and I can’t wait for this moment!

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5. Bahamas

Want a quick tropical getaway? A cruise to the Bahamas offers the great chance to relax and enjoy beautiful landscapes and scenery. Even if your cruise is short there are still a lot of fun things to do. Plan to swim with dolphins, to go snorkeling or experience parasailing.

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6. Europe

European cruises are popular choices for people who want to experience the best of the Old World. Many companies offer unique options, such as sailing along the Danube, Main and Rhine, so check them out when planning your next trip. Whether you stick to the sea or travel by river, both of adventurers and history buffs are sure to have a great time.

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7. Australia and New Zealand

Cruising in Australia and New Zealand gives you a wonderful opportunity to take in everything from unique wildlife species to the Great Barrier Reef. Often these cruises last more than a week, so you will definitely get the absolute most out of your trip.

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8. Bermuda

The turquoise waters and pink sands of Bermuda are something that attracts more and more tourists from all parts of the world to this destination year-round. June, July and August are the best months to visit Bermuda, when beaches are in high demand, a majority of itineraries are ready to launch and tour operators offer parasailing, scuba, snorkel and sailboat tours. You will have the wide selection of ships, itineraries and home ports during the peak season. What I like the most is that the water temperature reaches 85-degrees or warmer.

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9. Cayman Islands

I can use only two words to describe the Cayman Islands! They are pristine and electrifying! From wonderful white beaches and amazing underwater reefs to breathtaking cliffs spouting waterfalls, the Cayman Island area is a piece of heaven on Earth! The biggest draws are scuba diving and underwater snorkeling. There are many shipwrecks nearby, which divers can visit and there are thousands of colorful tropical fish.

What amazing cruise trips have you been on? Share your thoughts, please!