10 Advantages of Flying First Class


While most of us usually fly economy class, you should also experience the advantages of flying first class. Wondering whether it’s worth spending lots of money flying first class? Check out a few advantages of flying first class, which I especially like.

1. Getting through security checkpoint lines faster

Have you ever arrived at the airport later than expected and been in a long line at the security checkpoint? I guess, yes! I’ve experienced this a few times myself, and I’ve liked being able to get into the shorter priority lines when flying first class. A special officer is responsible for the inspection and execution of documents. Since few people travel in comfortable conditions, there is no need to stand in line. Getting through the security checkpoint line faster means reducing stress and having a lot of time to find your gate and have a snack.

2. Free checked bags

A big money drain when flying is baggage fees. When flying first class, a number of checked bags can be allowed free of charge. Increased baggage allowance (2 pieces up to 40 kg) and carry-on baggage are also affordable for passengers. For example, when I flew first class to Madrid for my cousin’s wedding, I could check my bag and carry my dress onto the plane, where my things were stored in the first class closet. It helped me avoid worrying, and I could relax.

3. You are among the first to board a plane

In addition to getting through security checkpoint lines faster, you are among the first to board a plane. Flying first class are delivered on board through a special hose sleeve or brought up the gangway on the machines of the highest level. You can also wait for boarding in a special comfortable room with all the amenities: a bar, a spa, or even a massage parlor. So you can settle in and drink a glass of juice or water while waiting for your plane to take off.

4. Large armrests and tray tables

I love first-class seats since they offer comfortable headrests and lots of extra space to accommodate laptops, drinks, or books, thanks to tray tables and large armrests. In addition, I appreciate the opportunity to curl up in the first class seat and recline a little more than would be possible.

5. Great restrooms

The first class lavatory is usually larger and cleaner since fewer passengers use it throughout the flight. It also tends to get more flight attendants’ attention, so you are less likely to encounter such things as no paper towels or overflowing trash bins toward the end of the trip.

6. Alcoholic drinks are usually complimentary

For first-class passengers, alcoholic drinks are usually complimentary. So sit back, enjoy a drink, but don’t overindulge, and don’t forget to sip enough water if you don’t want to arrive at your destination feeling wired and tipsy or get sick onboard.

7. Complimentary snacks and meals

Such tasty snacks as granola bars and chips are typical in first class. While breakfast and lunch are definitely good, dinner is perhaps the best meal of the day because you are treated to a great variety of foods like salad, warmed nuts, a hot entrée, bread, and dessert. If you have dietary concerns or restrictions, let the airline know in advance, and an appropriate meal will be arranged especially for you.

The choice of dishes served on the way is unlimited, and food is prepared on board according to recipes developed by chefs. In addition, each compartment has a dish with sweets and fruits.

8. The interior of the first-class

The interior of the first-class cabin is always distinguished by royal luxury – gold embroidery, velvet, leather, marble panels, or expensive wood trim. Some airlines install shower cabins in first-class cabins. The first-class salon impresses with its luxury and thoughtfulness of every little thing. A prerequisite is spacious, comfortable, anatomically adjusted chairs that fold out into a full bed. Armchairs can be equipped with a massage system.

Airlines care about the personal space of each first-class passenger – you definitely won’t have to push your elbows. Seats in first class can look like a fenced compartment with sliding doors. Sometimes curtains play the role of a partition. Some airlines, such as Emirates, offer private cabins for first-class passengers – they have a bed, a dressing table, a mirror, a wardrobe, an entertainment system, and a personal minibar.

9. Entertainment on board

One of the advantages of flying first-class is a wide range of entertainment. Each first-class passenger can use a personal entertainment system to make a long flight easier. It includes Large TV with a huge number of films, CDs, computer games, and a fresh press. Sometimes there is internet access.

10. Details that can make your first-class flight perfect

Besides a desk with a writing set, a compartment for ladies with beauty supplies is also affordable.

Using the touch panel, you can pull out the stewardess. There is no need to wait for her because each flight attendant serves two passengers in first class.

Having gathered to have a bite, you will not wait for lunchtime but order your favorite dishes from the menu. They are prepared on board the aircraft, so the freshness is undeniable. Just make an order with the expectation that it will be served before the liner goes to land. The food quality is commendable.

Some of the benefits listed here, like priority boarding and free checked bags, are also available in the frequent flier program, so make sure you check into these kinds of options if you travel a lot. Also, have you ever enjoyed the advantages of flying first class? Share your thoughts, please.

What is a first-class flight?

Buy first-class tickets if you want to enjoy flying and travel in superior comfort. It is an expensive and luxurious type of transfer designed for wealthy clients who prefer traveling in comfortable, secluded, luxurious conditions. In general, first class is a huge set of benefits for passengers.

How much does flight first class cost?

The price of a first-class ticket exceeds the costs for standard economy flights by 15, sometimes 20 times. As a rule, a domestic flight costs between $500 and 1000. And if we speak about international flights, the price is more than $5,000.

What do you get on a first-class flight?

First of all, it’s about your comfort. You get all the best, flying first-class. But, maybe, the main benefit is that you get to your destination full of energy, but not exhausted after a long-distance traveling and in need of much time to recover.