Top 10 Best Cities and Towns to Celebrate Halloween


Halloween is coming and we all have to choose the city or place to celebrate this awesome holiday! Have you already made this choice? If not, maybe you will be interested in my list of 10 best places to celebrate Halloween! And if you are in love with all these scary things like vampires, ghouls and ghosts you will really like them!

1. London, England

London with pleasure presents you the best Halloween celebration ever. There are a lot of places, where you can shrill, scream and laugh a lot! For example, the London Dungeon: Jack the Ripper, Sweeney Todd and Killer Queen are waiting for you here. If you want, you can also visit the Shakespeare’s Globe Theater, the London Tower and, of course, the Highgate Cemetery! How can Halloween be without any cemetery?

2. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Oh, there is one scary place, so be ready for the really exciting moments in your life! This is the Bytown Museum, and all visitors can tell you that six ghosts live here. Somebody has heard the children crying, others have seen the ghost of Duncan McNab, and as you may know, he died about 150 years ago. They tell, that he likes to get scared a lot of people, for example, he likes typing his name on the some museum’s computers. Also, somebody has seen how dolls winked and moved!

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3. Forks, Washington

The first I want to tell about a lumberjack who wanders around the Forks Dam and about a pregnant woman who can be seen walking lawns late at night. And of course, I don’t want to miss to tell you about the fact that a very popular saga “Twilight” was written about this place. It was a usual peaceful town, where timber industry based in. But this love story between the girl and vampire turned this place upside down. Now, due to the Stephanie Meyer’s vampire saga this place is very popular for the teens and those who really love these books.

4. Tombstone, Arizona

Since there were a lot of gun-fighting skirmishes, it has spawned of appearing a lot of ghosts here. You can talk with a lot of spirits in the special town’s saloon, but don’t forget to visit the reenact places of the infamous gunfights that end in the Boot Hill Cemetery.

5. Long Beach, California

If you really love to wander through very entangled and scary labyrinth, you should definitely go to the Queen Mary Ship. You will be very excited of many surprises that you will meet here and I’m sure you will like some live performances at the Dome of Doom and at very terrifying Purgatory Park.

6. Salem, Massachusetts

Salem is perhaps the spookiest town in the United States. Some situations with “witches” had happened here, so this place has a really dark reputation among others. But if you want to add something special to your holiday and if you want to feel some extra scary moments, suit costumes and come to the Hawthorne Hotel. Usually, they present the Annual Halloween Costume Ball for everybody here.

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7. New Orleans, Louisiana

I have never heard about this before, but this city is the main place of voodoo story! If you take some tour through the cemeteries, you will get a lot of incredible feelings! There are cemeteries in a ground crypt-style, so you will see something very interesting. Don’t forget about the voodoo temple! I want to add that the last showplace also has been used till the present days!

8. Orlando, Florida

If you don’t want to be spooked a lot, you can visit Halloween Party “Mickey’s Not So Scary” in the Disney World’s Kingdom. But if you want to be spooked, you can go to the Halloween Horror Nights in the Universal Studios Park. You will see something extra special in their shows. Don’t miss it, you will be glad to be here.

9. Transylvania, Romania

Do you love “Dracula” and “The Land Before the Forest”? Yeah, I really do. So, if you want to plunge in this atmosphere, you must certainly visit Bran Castle, also known as Dracula’s Castle. This is the castle, where Dracula had lived and also there are two places: Hunyad Castle and Poenari Castle, which were associated with Vlad the Impaler in the 15th century.

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10. New York

If you have a lot of costumes and some of them you have never used before, you can show them all in New York! So, put on one of them and don’t miss one of the most interesting events in this city – the Village Halloween Parade! Also, there is great Nightmare Haunted House, where you will never feel boring!

Where are you going to celebrate Halloween this year? What are you going to be for Halloween? Do you have any other place to add to this list?