9 Most Beautiful Beaches in Turkey


Everybody knows Turkey as a beautiful destination where you can spend holidays on magnificent beaches. That is why this country has become one of the top tourist attractions in the world. Looking at the map you`ll see that Turkey is surrounded by seas from all the sides. Though the coast of Black sea differs a little from ones of Mediterranean and Aegean seas, you`ll surely find a place to meet your expectations. But now I`ll enumerate some of the world known, amazing, and delightful beaches you should definitely visit.

1. Iztuzu Beach

Iztuzu Beach is located in the southwest of Turkey, near Dalyan. It is also known as Turtle Beach, as it is the most important breeding site for Loggerhead turtles in Mediterranean. Travel agencies claim it to be the best choice out of all beaches in the country. The narrow beach stretches for almost 5 km in the delta of the Med and Dalyan River. It makes up a protected wildlife area, so the beach is not overcrowded but still guarantees all the conveniences and a developed infrastructure. You`ll surely make use of river taxi, sun beds, parasols there, especially if the temperature jumps up to 40°C.

2. Kaputas Beach

Near Kas you will find Kaputas Beach, which is famous for its velvety sands and transparent water. The beach opens from a deep gorge, which means you`ll have to walk a little to get to the water. But without doubt, it is worth it. Moreover, such a position makes the area exposed to high waves in a windy weather. While being there you must see and explore a fantastic small cave, so just ask local residents, and they will take you there in a traditional small boat.

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3. Kabak

This beach will astonish you by its tranquility and natural purity. This makes it the best choice. Another thing that makes the place special is that it is surrounded by lush pine forest. Kabak Beach is situated at the brink of the Kabak Valley in the southwest, where the Mediterranean meets the Aegean. The trip to the beach itself may already be an adventure. The road from Olu Deniz winds to the top of huge cliffs and then comes abruptly down to the hills. You have to pick your way down through the forest to get to the desirous golden beach and sky-blue water.

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4. Butterfly Valley

The name itself sounds tempting, isn`t it? It is a wonderful small beach that found its place at the brink of a v-shaped valley between two spectacular towering cliffs. There is a village Faralya on the top of the cliff, where you can stay for some time and enjoy breathtaking scenery. Down, hundreds of feet below, you will see an amazing beach. It may take you 40 minutes to climb down along the rocky path to the water, and an hour to get back, but this adventure is surely worth the effort. Oh, I`ve forgotten to mention that you can also get there by boat.

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5. Patara

Patara Beach is found in another Turkish national park where the Loggerheaded turtles are under protection. That`s why the beach is closed after sunset from May to October, so that turtle can lay and hatch their eggs in sand. But not only turtle eggs are under protection. Near the beach Xanthos, the UNIESCO World Heritage Site, Patara served as a port of the ancient city. Ancient ruins are scattered about the territory of 12 km of the soft sand and also cover the bottom of the lake nearby.

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6. Cirali Beach

The beach is quiet, clean and very beautiful, and it is also an area where turtles are protected by state. Cirali lies between the ruins of Olympos and a wildlife preservation. This unspoiled charming beach is surrounded by rocky hills, covered with pine forest, and it faces Mount Tahtali, the home of Gods. I`m sure these Gods were very generous, creating it, and giving it soft golden sands, sky-blue transparent warm waters and breathtaking views, wherever you look.

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7. Sivrice Bay

This beach in Assos on the Aegean sea is the best choice if you are fond of snorkeling. No guide book will tell you where it is. No large hotels or resorts are found there. That`s what makes it special. Just hot sun, clear water and golden sand. On your vacation in Sivrice Bay you will have some rest from hustle and bustle of a big busy city, as well as enjoy tranquility of the untouched nature.

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8. Aydincik Beach

Photo: galpay

This beauty lies on Turkish island Gökçeada. This one of two Aegean inhabited islands, but it still remains a very peaceful and calm place. The destination is not that widely known resort among tourists to stay. But windsurfers do know this place. It is their favorite spot on the south coast of the island. Here the sea sometimes gets too wild, plus there is a brine lake nearby where you can find your sacred place. In order to diversify your staying here, you can catch a ferry and go to Gallipoli Peninsula. You may visit the ANZAC landing beaches there, and what is even more exciting, you can see the ruins of the ancient city of Troy.

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9. Palamutbükü Beach

Photo: clau+

This beach opens into Mediterranean Sea and covers an untouched stretch of land on the Datca Peninsula. It will give you a warm welcome by offering small guest houses as a shelter, and treat you to golden shingle, and satin waves of water. Taking a place in a small lovely tavern, you can enjoy fantastic scenery of Greek islands in the distance, and of Greek ferries sailing and disappearing beyond the horizon.

It is very difficult to choose a place where to go first. The best decision is, to my mind, to visit them all! But which would you like to see first? Do you know any other beaches in Turkey? I’m waiting for your comments…