9 Tips for Getting Better Sleep on a Plane


Should I enumerate all of the advantages of a good sleep during the flight? I think it’s not necessarily. We all want the similar things: to look fresh and good after a flight, enjoy watching a movie, listen to music, etc. I personally tried so many tips on how to achieve this, that I consider myself to be a kind of an expert. So I assure you that you can have a stress-free trip and look refreshed after it, even if your neighbor is a persistent chatterbox, and the kids across the aisle are unbearable.

1. Reserve the window seat

This is the tip that I found out from my own experience. It is a common thing to fall asleep and then suddenly wake up and find yourself on a stranger`s shoulder with your mouth wide open. A pleasant bonus – if your neighbor is a cutie and it is a good pretext to start a conversation. But still it is quite an embarrassing situation. When your seat is near the window you can lean on the wall, so you won`t disturb your neighbor. Another good reason to choose this place is because people won`t wake you up as they try to past you on their business.

2. Wear loose clothes

Wearing loose fitting clothes during a trip will make your staying in the restricted space of the plane`s board more comfortable. Choose the clothes made of nice and soft sort of fabric which is not tight and don`t cut off your blood circulation. Probably you`ll have to wear clothes in layers. One can never guess right whether it will be too hot or too cold on board, so you have to be prepared for it. Moreover, the weather in your destination point may also be different from your expectations. If you have a long-haul flight, it is quite okay to change into some comfy casual clothes, especially if you are to look official when you arrive.

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3. Take headphones

This is a must-have thing on board for every passenger who wants to sleep well on board. I think you`ll agree with me that it is better to sleep with the music playing in your headphones rather than listening to your neighbors` conversation and kids` laugh. Download some peaceful and sweet tracks that will help you shut down from the noise and bustle around you. If headphones are not the option for you, a pair of good old fashioned ear plugs will become your salvation.

4. Bring a small carry on

Having many over-spilling bags as your hand luggage presupposes storing them under your seat. I advise you to put everything into a bag with zips and put it into the overhead compartment. Hence you are less likely to leave some small things on board, and which is more important, you`ll have more space to stretch your legs and sleep more comfortably.

5. Seats to avoid

As in any means of transportation there are some seats that you`d better avoid. On a plane you should keep away from seats near the bathrooms, in the gallery and the wings. These places are always busy and lively, so you`ll be constantly disturbed and prevented from sleeping. Take care about this when you book or buy your tickets.

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6. Bring a blanket

Nobody can guarantee the temperature on board. You can`t also be sure whether the airline company offers free blankets and pillows. Some of them may charge a fee for it. The best solution is to bring your own. Thus you may be sure that you won`t get cold. Plus, you`ll sleep better under this soft piece of your home comfort.

7. Bring a sleep mask

Having a sleep mask with you on board is a very good and useful accessory on board. Thus you can easily have a nap during your day time flight and, of course, at night. The mask covers your eyes from the light, whether it is sun beams, or whether it is the night electric lighting which shines right into your eyes. In addition to that, wearing a sleep mask will make you forget about all the strangers around you and that you are sleeping not in your comfy bed.

8. Fancy meal

If you plan to have a good night`s sleep during the flight, my advice to you is not to eat much. Sleeping with full stomach will bring you an uncomfortable feeling especially in semisitting position. Ordering a fancy meal requires some time for attendants to prepare so they`ll have to wake you up to give it to you. So you`d better take something light that won`t make you wait long.

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9. If nothing else helps, opt for medicines

If any of all the tips mentioned above don’t work for you, there is a good option. Modern medicine makes wonders and can prepare a person for everything, even to sleep tight during the intercontinental flights. You can buy Melatonine, Dramamine, medicines for insomnia, meds containing dephenhydramine, etc. consult the specialist and choose the best option for you. There are numerous variants that can help you handle with certain problems, like jet lag. It is better to take with you only proved meds, so that you won`t get an unwanted reaction on board. You should also consult your doctor about the undesired side effects that can appear at the height of 30,000 feet.

So, as you can see sleeping on board of a plane is quite possible if you know these useful tips. Remember them when you have your next trip by air and I`m sure your flight will pass smoothly. Do you have your own proved methods?