11 Reasons to Travel to Hokkaido, Japan


Hokkaido is the final frontier of Japan. Expansive and covered in a vast, untouched wilderness, Hokkaido is unlike any other island of the country.

Only 5 percent of the nation’s total population lives on Hokkaido, meaning you can successfully separate from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo life to enjoy the richness of the Japanese countryside and bountiful nature. When traveling through Hokkaido, here are several sites and attractions that you simply cannot pass up.

1. The Sapporo Snow Festival

Photo: pinterest.com

Sapporo is the fourth largest city in Japan and Hokkaido’s prefectural capital, meaning that most of Hokkaido’s residents live here. Therefore, it is no surprise they have something festive going on, such as the Sapporo Snow Festival, which becomes more and more popular every single year.

What started out as just snow sculptures has turned into a festival of concerts, food stalls, art exhibitions, ice skating and sliding, snow tubing, snowmobiling, and much more. Since more than 2 million people attend every year, be sure to get your lodgings well in advance. Otherwise, you will miss out!