7 Most Wonderful Places to Move in 2018


Looking for a new place to move? Start your search by checking out some of the best places to move to in the entire world in 2018.

All the cities on this list offer the basics of an excellent city – stable economy, good career opportunities, excellent standard of living, and a great culture. If you are looking for a new place to set down your roots, why not make it one of the best cities in the whole world.

1. Calgary, Canada

The Heart of The New West, Calgary is a pinnacle of Canadian living. Not only does Calgary consistently rank as one of the cleanest cities in the world, it has a beautiful arts and culture movement, an expansive restaurant scene for even the most discerning foodies, and great sports and entertainment.

Calgary has over 300 sunny days per year, and when the warm chinooks roll in you will forget all about the winter weather. Plus, its proximity to the mountains will satisfy your craving for the great outdoors while still letting you live and work in an excellent Canadian city that keeps growing with opportunity.

2. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Charming and quiet yet robust and buzzing with energy, Amsterdam is a favorite for travelers and expats. The city never shows its dull side, probably because it does not have one.

Its contemporary vibe blends with the cool canals and small-village appeal that radiates from every street. Housing is affordable, and the job market is hot. Plus, jobs come with excellent health and insurance benefits that make taxes become very worth it.

A four-day workweek is common here, and you can spend your time off in the trendy music halls, world-class museums, and enjoying the Venice of the North.

3. Melbourne, Australia

For those who seek the calling of the coasts of Australia, Melbourne is the place to be. It has been named one of the most livable cities in the world in the past few years. It is a mecca for art lovers – everything from music and ballet to architecture and modern art thrive in this city.

It is also no secret that locals love their time outdoors – the large Royal Park boasts 420 acres of green space in the heart of the city, and people commuting on bikes is a common site.

While Australia is an inherently expensive place to live in the grand scheme of things, Melbourne offers a variety of choice for urban dwellers when it comes to affordable accommodation and proximity to the aspects of Melbourne that make it so wonderful.

Whether you fall in love with the quirky streets and cafes or the ocean and the warm Australian breeze, Melbourne is an excellent city to live in.

4. Hamburg, Germany

Search for the best countries in the world to live and you will find Germany at or near the top of every list. This is because of its excellent infrastructure, world-class healthcare, affordability, and standard of living.

Hamburg offers the best of all of these, as a growing trade and commercial hub with beauty. It is the second largest port in Europe, has stunning lakes and hundreds of bridges to bike along on your way to work, to grab coffee with friends, or enjoy the new Elbphilharmonie concert hall.

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5. Olympia, Washington, USA

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The capital of the state of Washington, Olympia is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and parents. There are excellent schools here from kindergarten up to the university level, and you get an excellent standard of living in America without needing a major salary increase.

It is one of the most affordable cities to live in Washington. State parks are nearby, and the water and beaches await you on weekends. It is the perfect city for those who enjoy hiking, boating, and the overall scenic beauty the Pacific Northwest offers.

6. Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is consistently a top-ranked city in the world because of their standards of work-life balance, health and childcare, public transport, and economic stability. They boast a lower cost of living than other Swedish cities and have a strong reputation as a leader in green energy, a large selling point for many looking for a new city to call home.

The great vacation leave and pay means you will have time to enjoy vacations without fretting about job security. While their winters can be dark and cold, it is worth it to enjoy the sunny days and bright, friendly atmosphere that comes with the sun.

7. Vancouver, Canada

Canada is booming – named as a top travel and livable destination in 2017, people seem to be looking for any excuse to move to the Great White North. Vancouver has great coffee, great schools, great transit, and great job opportunities.

The surrounding area is second to none – mountains to the north, temperate rainforests to the east, and a peaceful ocean surrounding part of the big city to the west. The winters are balmy and the economy is continually picking up.

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Vancouver has one of the best Chinatowns in all of North America, and ethnic cuisine and culture is a tremendous bonus to living in this multicultural Canadian city.

So, what is your dream place to live? Will you move to any of these destinations in 2018?