10 Amazing Christmas Traditions around the World


Although each country has its own Christmas, Christmas is a holiday that is celebrated in the whole world and in different ways. The meaning of the holiday is unanimous, though the traditions and representations surrounding it differ all around the world. The festive period brings a sense of community, which you can see through the celebrations that take place. Christmas is not only a religious holiday for Christians, but also a time for loved ones to gather together. Here are a few Christmas traditions around the world, keep reading…

1. Russia

If you’re celebrating Christmas in Russia, you’ll be wishing everyone Pozdrevlyayu s Novym Godom i Rozhdestvom. Today, Russia celebrates the Festival of Winter, though you can still find some traditional customs of Christmas in some areas of the country. Traditional Russian celebrations include fasting thirty-nine days until Christmas Eve, which is held on January 6th. It’s is when people will see the first evening star appear in the sky. Also, a twelve-course meal then commences, to honor 12 apostles. On Christmas Day, many people go to a church to sing carols and hymns. There is a traditional figure in Russia named Ded Moroz, or Father Frost, who presents the gifts to the children along with his granddaughter, Snegurochka.