7 Unique Souvenirs to Pick Up around the World


Are you tired of that boring snow globe and postcards? There are so many unique souvenirs you can pick up around the world, just get a little creative! Each place you visit has something unique to offer. And it’s much more memorable to have a unique souvenir from abroad than a typical gift to bring home. Check out a list of best souvenirs to pick up around the world.

1. Japan’s Daruma Doll

When you think of Japan, the first thing that comes to your mind is sushi or karate, right? But, have you ever heard of the Daruma Doll? This good luck symbol associated with Buddhism is very popular in Japan. One of the best things about the Daruma Doll is that it’s an excellent souvenir for anyone. Give it as a decoration for your family or friends, or give it to your colleague for some extra luck in the office.

2. Paper products from Florence

Perhaps, it is the most surprising unique souvenir to pick up around the world, but Florence is famous for its exquisite paper products. You might think that paper is the worst thing to get abroad, but paper in Florence is handmade and it’s marbleized with awesome designs. There are many specialty paper stores with beautiful handmade paper products that could be a surprising souvenir to anyone. So be sure to visit a few of them!

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3. Fans from Spain

When visiting Spain, don’t forget to buy a decorative fan. Last week my friend went to Spain and she brought me back a very beautiful fan. It’s a good addition to my home and is a great conversation starter with my guests. My friend told me that a person can even get their name painted on fan. This is one of the most unique souvenirs to pick up around the world.

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4. Vuvuzela from South Africa

Do you remember the 2010 FIFA World Cup? Vuvuzelas were so popular. A vuvuzela is a long plastic horn that produces a deafening sound. It’s a wonderful souvenir because it’s very unique to South Africa. Try to find some decorative vuvuzelas to spruce up your home. Vuvuzelas come in different sizes and colors so you will have a wide variety to choose from.

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5. Leather products from Argentina

Argentina is world-renowned for its leather goods. These goods can range from wallets to purses and from jackets to shoes. That’s one of the best things about Argentina! You can purchase many different souvenirs and still get something unique to this country. With this unique souvenir, there’s literally something for everybody.

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6. Marble souvenirs from India

Sure, you could get the typical postcard or jewellery from India, but why not have something more unique? For instance, buy a marble miniature version of the Taj Mahal or get other things like a vase or jewellery box. Many of the marble items are handmade and are so detailed and intricate. Buying these souvenirs is one of the best ways to remember your visit to India.

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7. Macarons from Paris

Okay, I know you may say that macarons are not souvenirs, but why not? Paris is famous for its delicious and unique macarons that come in a great variety of colors. Macarons are meringue-based desserts with jam, butter cream, or ganache placed between two biscuits. Buy some macarons for your family, friends or coworkers. This is a unique souvenir to bring home from Paris!

Traveling is a wonderful experience and buying unique souvenirs is a great way to commemorate your trips. What unique souvenirs did you bring home from your trips? Do you think you’d buy one of these unique souvenirs abroad? Please comment below and thanks for reading!