10 Incredible Reasons to Visit Miami


Miami gets 3,200 hours of sunshine a year, on average. Its winters are so mild that they count as sunny days, too. Not even other southern states keep up with Miami’s sunny cheer.

If being able to get up in the morning and going out barefoot in the middle of winter doesn’t sound like enough of a reason to put Miami at the top of your list of places to vacation in, here are 10 other great ones.

1. The beaches

Miami is laid-back and easygoing, as most warm weather beach towns are. While the water does get a bit uncomfortably cold in winter, it’s still possible to take a dip. There are lots of beaches in Miami and each has its own advantages and attractions. North Shore Park Beach, Crandon Park Beach, Golden Beach and South Beach are among the best beaches in Miami.

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When I visited Miami last year, I stayed at the hotel near Haulover Beach Park. I just fell in love with that place, since it had also a very relaxing green zone, suitable for picnics. This spectacular 1,5 mile beach is located north of Miami Beach, and is known for its blue water, white soft sand and few visitors. Plus, it has free parking, nine-hole golf course, tennis courts and other entertainments. As long as you wear sunscreen at all times, Miami’s beaches are always a fun possibility.