10 World’s Weirdest Hotels


8. IceHotel

Photo: icehotel.se

If you’re looking for a unique experience, the IceHotel is a must. Opened in 1990, this hotel in Lapland, Sweden is rebuilt every winter. The designers and architects say that IceHotel is more than just beds and rooms; it’s an art project made of snow and ice that constantly challenges their imagination.

The IceHotel is the original. It has 65 rooms with beds made of ice. Opt for Ice Rooms, Snow Rooms, Art Suits, Northern Light Rooms or Deluxe Suits. While the temperature inside will be a chilly -5 Celsius, it’s warmer than the -15 Celsius outside. The hotel also has an IceBar, sauna, and restaurants.

I stayed at IceHotel last winter and I was lucky to experience a true ice wedding! Yes, people from all over the world arrive to this place to tie the knot and promise each other eternal fidelity. Those couples, who are already married, wish to have their marriage blessed in a magnificent Ice church, which exists between December and April only. The IceHotel is extremely popular with visitors. Nearly 50,000 people from all over the world come here to experience northern lights, calmness and complete wilderness. I know that this winter I will definitely be one of those visitors!

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