11 Affordable Cities for US Millennials to Start Their Families


The cost of living continues to go up across the board, and it is getting harder and harder to make ends meet for us millennials. We are faced with school districts getting budget cuts, increased crime rates, and housing issues. When you have children, this can be a bleak outlook on the future. So what do you do?

You obviously want your children to have the best opportunities available to them. When it comes to the best places to live that allow for work-life balance and a great community for raising a family, here are the most affordable cities in the US for millennials to live.

Before talking about the cities, though, I wanted to touch on some factors you should consider when searching for a new place to move your family. When you pick a hometown, you need to make sure the school district is up to par.

Not all children learn the same, and if your child has a learning disability, you need to know those needs will be addressed. Simply doing some research on the best schools throughout the nation can give you details on decent places to lay down roots, but that’s not always enough.

What kind of life do you want to lead? What kind of living do you enjoy? Keep these in mind when checking out the following cities and suburbs.

1. Lincoln, Nebraska

One of the reasons Lincoln, Nebraska is a worthwhile place to call home would be the sense of community you will find here. The small town setting is heightened with a number of recreational activities, decent education from places like the University of Nebraska nearby, and a lot of cultural sites.

Oh, and did I mention that just in Lincoln alone there are over 125 parks to check out? You are never going to get bored. But aside from all there is to do in this cheerful community, the low employment rate of 2.7 percent and affordable median rent of $667 makes this an ideal location for starting up both business and home.