10 Most Exciting Adventure Trips of a Lifetime


5. Go Camping to Everest

It is my cherished dream to go on an adventure trip to Everest. There is a wonderful chance for those who want to add some risk, danger and adventure to their life. You will be offered a 15day trek to Everest Base Camp. But get ready for extreme hiking and great impressions. You will make a long trip through the Himalayas and observe picturesque places. And finally you will reach your destination. At the camp you will discover majestic mountains covered with snow, small tea houses and a Buddhist Monastery. You will definitely admire this beautiful country and hospitable people who live there. You must be well-prepared for this journey. That’s why take your best warm clothes. During the trip you can also get an altitude sickness, be ready for that. All in all these adventures are worth trying. Finally you will get to paradise.

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