10 Money Saving Tips for Your Trip to Disneyland


19 miles from the capital of France, in the city of Marne-la-Vallee, there is one of the most famous entertainment complexes in the world – Disneyland. It consists of the Disneyland and Walt Disney Studios parks and the Disney Village shopping area, as well as many restaurants, hotels, a golf course, and even its own residential area and business center.

Every meter of space here is an incredible photo zone, and every building seems to have come out of your favorite cartoon from childhood! Therefore, this will be a memorable trip for everyone. And not just for kids but also for noisy youth. There are exciting activities for all tastes among its hundreds of attractions and entertainment programs.

Money Saving Tips for your Trip to Disneyland

For many families, a trip to Disneyland is the vacation of a lifetime, but those unforgettable memories do not come cheap. It can cost as much to take your family to Disneyland as it would to take them to Europe. Sure, your five-year-old might not be as excited to see the Louver as she would be to see Mickey Mouse! So if your family has its sights set on Disney this year, you better start planning now. The right planning can mean the difference between a fun and stress-free Disneyland adventure and the strain of empty pockets on day 2 of your trip.

Disneyland might be expensive, but there are some tried and true money saving tips you can use to reduce the cost without reducing your fun. So, if you plan to visit this the happiest place and want to know how to save money at Disneyland, consider some of these money saving strategies.

1. Buy tickets via the Internet

Disneyland savings can be realized as a result of favorable chips, buying tickets. It is cheaper to buy them in advance, via the Internet. This way, you can save up to 15%. There are a huge number of services on the Internet offering such tickets for 50€ and even for 40€ instead of 65€ in the park itself.

For example, the French FNAC chain of stores carries out promotions with favorable prices. These tickets give you day access to Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park and are valid for 6 months. It is one of the best Disneyland money saving secrets from the very beginning, even before visiting the Park.

2. Avoid holidays

Avoiding holidays and choosing low season, from November to March, is one of the most useful Disneyland money saving secrets.

If you go during the low season, you will save both money and time. During this season, the park is not so crowded, and you can get to all the attractions without queuing. In addition, you can pay less for tickets and hotel fees during this period are low, saving money at Disneyland.

3. Use the most suitable transport to get to Disneyland

There are some useful Disneyland saving money tips concerning choosing transport to get to the Park. The most common ways to get there, saving money, are by train or bus.

The train from Paris to Disneyland travels on the RER line frequently and at short intervals. The duration of the trip is 45 minutes. Such a trip costs 15 euros. Tickets can be bought at the box office, in special machines, and at any metro station.

If you prefer using the bus from Paris to Disneyland, which departs from Orly airport, you should pay 20 euros. Another bus ride to Disneyland Paris on the MagicalShuttle shared transfer from Charles de Gaulle Airport costs 23 euros.

4. Plan out

Schedule your special events ahead of time to avoid snap decisions once in the park. Go through the list of special features, including character lunches and behind-the-scenes tours, and pick the ones you and your kids most want to do.

Otherwise, it will be unsystematic running around with the loss of a lot of time. Therefore, this tip can save not only money but also your valuable time at Disneyland.

5. Buy a Citypass if you plan to see more than just Disneyland

The Anaheim area is home to some wonderful attractions, including Universal Studios, Sea World, and the world-famous San Diego Zoo.

When you buy a Citypass, you get a three-day Park Hopper pass for Disneyland and California Adventure, plus a one-day pass to Universal Studios in Hollywood, SeaWorld in San Diego, and either the San Diego Zoo or the San Diego Wild Animal Park.

Best of all, you get those tickets at a 30% discount off the regular price. Therefore, it is one more excellent piece of advice on how to save money at Disneyland.

6. Pack a lunch before you leave your home or hotel

It’s no secret that the prices for food and drinks in such places are sky-high. Therefore, taking along a couple of bottles of water and sandwiches is an excellent Disneyland money saving secret.

You can also bring an assortment of healthy snacks for your kids to carry in their fanny packs. This tip will save money at Disneyland, and the kids will enjoy some healthy food while waiting in line for those great rides.

In addition, it is completely legal to do this since it is not forbidden to bring food into the park. Moreover, there are tables with chairs where you can sit down, pull out your supplies and eat them calmly. So feel free to bring your own food and drinks.

7. Buy your snacks and drinks before you enter Disneyland

The Target store on Harbor Boulevard is the perfect place to stock up on the things you will need to keep your kids happy once in the park. So if you want to find additional ways to save for Disneyland, do not be lazy and go to the nearest store near your hotel and buy a bag of sweets. This goodness is full in any grocery store but much cheaper.

By shopping ahead of time, you can buy a bag full of goodies for less than the cost of a few hot dogs and bottles of water in the park. Your wallet will thank you.

8. Pick up a copy of the local newspaper when you arrive in town

Another one of the best Disneyland money saving secrets is looking for money saving coupons in the travel section. Also, look for money saving coupons online.

Even if you do not find coupons for Disneyland, you can save money at other local attractions and put those savings toward some of the fun extras inside the park.

9. Avoid souvenir shops

Being careful of the seduction of entering local souvenir shops is one of the most relevant Disneyland money saving tips. The prices are unreasonable, much more expensive than similar garbage, but outside the walls of the parks.

If it seems to you that distracting the child’s attention from all this souvenir madness for one or two, you are greatly mistaken. The insidiousness of these stores is so great that you need to relax a little – and you will be sucked in with terrible force.

Therefore, buy the most desired wish list of your children in a regular store, but without the Disneyland extra charge. These souvenirs can be found at just about any major department store. Small things are even in supermarkets.

10. Stay outside the park

Staying locally at one of the Disney Hotels Resort or a partner hotel is expensive. If you want to save money at Disneyland, choose one of the campsites or hotels a little outside the park area, even though there are a number of benefits to staying at a Disneyland resort.

Hotels outside the resort can be significantly cheaper, and some include free breakfasts and other benefits that can significantly help you save money at Disney. In most cases, staying at the hotels outside can save £100, and often much more, on an overnight stay.

While nothing can make a trip to Disneyland cheap, you can save money and still enjoy a wonderful vacation at the park. As with any vacation, proper advance planning can make all the difference in the world.

Below, we have compiled a list of the most interesting questions about money saving tips for your trip to Disneyland:

What’s the cheapest month to go to Disneyland Paris?

It is best to visit Disneyland in the low season, as it can considerably save money. In addition, you can avoid huge crowds of tourists. The cheapest month to go to Disneyland is January. It cannot be said that there is a significant decrease in prices at this moment, but they definitely become lower by 10% -20%, which is reasonable savings.

How much money should I bring to Disney?

In general, people bring at least $3000-4000 to Disneyland. But you can spend a lot less money by following all our Disneyland money saving tips.

How many days do you need for Disneyland Paris?

Disneyland Paris includes two parks, and each of them is worthy of one full day. However, one day will be enough for an adult to ride. But if you are with children, it is better to stay here for two or even three days.