15 Best Europe’s Places for Christmas Shopping


All of us are looking forward to Christmas time. It’s not only the time of cheerful festivities and exquisite dishes to try, but also it is a period of great shopping to do. A few weeks before the holiday we become insane about all the purchases, as we try to find the best and fantastic places for shopping. It is strongly believed that the most fabulous shopping centers are certainly in big cities. Shopping mall is not only the place where you can buy stylish clothes and other goods. It’s the place where you can feel a magnificent Christmas atmosphere, enjoy the sights of festive decorations and music playing from everywhere. Definitely, all the shopping centers try to surpass each other and provide their customers with the best services. I’d like to suggest you the best shopping places in Europe.

1. Lincoln, England

This is a nice city with numerous rural sights. The major street of the city is cobbled and it runs to a picturesque hill. On the top of that hill you can observe the cathedral. Christmas markets are so much popular in this city. Without any hesitations I can say that is one of prevailing entertainments during the holiday season. If you decide to do Christmas shopping in Lincoln, you will be able to experience the medieval beauty of this ancient city.

2. Milan, Italy

Milan is known as the capital of European fashion and style. So, certainly that is one of the most prominent places to visit for shopping at Christmas time. A huge range of the top designer boutiques is available there. But there is one disadvantage of this place, it is really expensive. That’s why make sure you saved enough money and after that you can start on your trip. Here you can find such famous and fashionable brands like Gucci, Valentino, Armani, D&G and Prada. In case you can’t afford shopping in such luxurious places you have another choice. For example, Corso di Porta Ticinese will offer you something absolutely different. You can buy quirky jewelry, vintage clothes and items of street fashion in amazing boutiques, which are arranged here.

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3. Rovaniemi, Finland

Do you know that the home of Santa Claus is in Rovaniemi, Finland? Moreover, that is the greatest place for the holiday shopping. I can’t imagine where else can you purchase more gorgeous and festive goods than in Santa’s workshop. First when you come to this place, you will discover a marvelous Santa’s village with various shops. You can spend hours here choosing wonderful Christmas presents for your family and friends. For instance, you have a chance to surprise your relatives with reindeer meet or letters which children all over the world wrote to Santa.

4. Istanbul, Turkey

Surely, Istanbul is one of the most terrific cities around the world. If you visit it, you will be greatly impressed with its beauty and ancient historical places. Perhaps it can be a surprise for you but Istanbul is also a great place where you are supposed to do Christmas shopping. You will have an opportunity to buy magnificent gifts for those you love very much. I would recommend you to visit Grand Bazaar in Istanbul which includes 4,000 shops. The main attraction of this place is various rugs, shawls, handmade leather goods, beaded clothes and many others. Make sure to purchase one of them!

5. Sarajevo, Bosnia

Sarajevo is one of the most attractive cities for tourists in Europe. It went through the difficult war years and now appeared to become an amazing place. You can go to this country during all the seasons, but Christmas time is something special. Besides, this city is one of the best in Europe to do Christmas shopping. Also you can visit a small town, Bašaršija. This is an ancient town, which was founded at the period of Ottoman Empire. Its streets are cobbled. It’s interesting to know that in every street you can find only one particular craft. So get ready to buy the following items there: exotic jewelry, silk clothing, coffee sets made from copper and pottery.

6. Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg is well-known as the place where Mozart was born. And definitely if you’ve never been to this city before you should focus your attention on the museum of this great musician and attend it one way or another. But it’s not the only showplace of the city. When Christmas is coming near, Salzburg becomes one of the most often visited places where people come for the shopping. The Getreidegasse is a perfect choice to go for some special purchases. The street is filled up with old shops where you can find absolutely different items such as books and footwear.

7. Crieff, Scotland

Crieff is a small town in Scotland, but it is definitely one of those places which you are sure to visit at least once in a lifetime, and Christmas is a wonderful opportunity for that. Don’t miss it! This town has a great historical value. Buildings here are executed according to the traditions of German village. If you visit this town on Christmas you will feel the penetrating atmosphere and high spirits of the magical holiday. Everything will inspire you for festive and cheerful mood. Every year people decorate their houses for Christmas. You can even meet Santa in Crieff.

8. Las Rozas Village, Madrid, Spain

This is a charming Spanish village which is situated only half an hour from Madrid. It’s a splendid idea for the Christmas shopping. If you are interested in the most popular world brands as Hilfiger, Coach, Calvin Klein, Timberland, Burberry, Bulgari and Lacoste, you will be able to purchase the most stylish items here at reasonable prices.

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9. Zermatt, Switzerland

I’m convinced that the first thing which all people associate with Christmas is snow and everything that is connected with it. One of the best European places where you can enjoy magnificent snowy and mountainous landscapes is Zermatt, Switzerland. Its greatest wonder is the peak of the Matterhorn. But this town is not only famous for its natural beauty it is also one of the top places to visit for the Christmas shopping. In order to buy festive gifts for your family you should go to the Bahnoffstrasse Street. You will be amazed with an enormous range of jewelry, Swiss watches, delicious chocolate which are offered at the local shops. Besides you can bring home some precious souvenir from this place.

10. Stockholm, Sweden

I would recommend you to go to Stockholm to get unforgettable emotions and experience during Christmas time. If you are a great admirer of Swedish design make sure to travel there. Since there is the greatest Ikea store in the world you will be pleased to do Christmas shopping around that place. Other large shopping malls with funny holiday entertainments are easily found everywhere.

11. Strasbourg, France

Strasburg is one of the world cities which pay much attention to Christmas decorations. The city is proud of its significant cultural and historical heritage from Germany and France. It is necessary to mention that Strasburg is also the residence of European Parliament. So it is open for visitors from different countries throughout the year. But at Christmas it usually becomes the most crowded place. You will be glad to enjoy a delightful holiday atmosphere visiting various shops that are arranged along narrow streets. The owners of the shops try their best to make fantastic decorations putting bright glittering lights everywhere. Even if you are not a great fun of shopping this place is really worth seeing.

12. Prague, Czech Republic

An abundance of tourists come to Prague during the year. They can find so many shopping malls in the center of the city. But if to speak about the Christmas shopping we should keep in mind the Palladium. It’s the perfect idea for the holiday shopping tour. This huge shopping center consists of 200 shops where you can purchase the items from the most distinguished world brands. Such place as Old Town Square will certainly awake delightful Christmas spirits in your soul. It comprises numerous market stalls which are ready for the inrush of tourists. Its architecture goes back to the 12th century. Here you are enabled to find a great choice of arts, crafts and hand-crafted items.

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13. Budapest, Hungary

If you ask me what is the cheapest European city I will definitely say that is Budapest. In addition it is one of the most glorious places. When you arrive here you will enjoy sightseeing Hero’s Square, old castles, the River Danube and the Fisherman’s Bastion. But if you can break away from all this beauty you will manage to visit an enormous shopping center, the Westend City Center. If shopping mall is not your preference you can choose Vaci Street. You will be satisfied with purchases from fashionable brands like Hugo Boss, Lacoste and Hilfiger.

14. St. Helier, Jersey

A lot of people are looking for amazing places to visit at Christmas. British Isles will match the needs of the picky visitors. Consider visiting the Channel Islands. They are so much delightful! You will be astonished with the splendor of St. Helier on the island of Jersey. The tourists are pleased with bright Christmas decorations. The architecture of the town executed in French and English traditions will not leave you indifferent. During one month a great number of markets are available for customers at La Fete du Noue. When coming to this place you are supposed to enjoy the celebration of the Winter Solstice and amuse yourself at an ice skating rink.

15. Berlin, Germany

You will be greatly astonished with the plenty of profitable Christmas purchases you can make in the capital of Germany. I must admit that doing the Christmas shopping in Berlin is of a big advantage. Even visiting such huge shopping centers as Charlottenburg in West Berlin and the chi-chi stores of Mitte you will be able to avoid enormous expenses. The goods are sold here at reasonable prices. If to compare with London and Paris you will manage to save some money for other entertainment. In the east end of the city such malls as Oranienstrasse and Bergmanstrasse can provide you with much amusement while you are searching for Christmas gifts.

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Christmas time is my favorite period of the year. In my childhood I looked forward to that day when I could sit on Santa’s knee and wish my cherished dreams. Those were the most sacred moments of my life. Now when I am adult everything is absolutely different. But still I’m looking forward to the great holiday in order to travel to different incredible places for Christmas shopping. I get so much pleasure while choosing gifts for my family, friends and myself. Do you like Christmas shopping? Which places do you usually visit for that? Share your ideas for this Christmas.