10 Most Amazing Caves for Cave Divers


Caves exist around the world, but some of the most incredible ones are found underwater. Cave diving is thrilling, challenging and fun. No matter where you go, you will have an experience you will never forget. Cave diving allows the most dedicated explorers to take in the amazing sights of underwater caves. It’s hard to pick the best cave for diving, yet here are 10 most amazing caves for any cave diver.

1. Chinhoyi Caves, Zimbabwe

Situated in Makonde District, Mashonaland West Province, Chinhoyi Caves is a cave system with a variety of dive conditions. From open water to cave diving, there is something for every level of diver. The water is unusually clear and there’s plenty to see. The cave system is made of dolomite and limestone. One cave contains coins tossed in by observers and another is littered with bones.

2. Emergence du Ressel, France

Divers will enjoy the challenge of finding the entrance to this dual tunnel cave, located deep underwater. Inside, there are two option, a tunnel that continues along at a depth of 10 meters and another that plunges to more than 70 meters deep. This cave is perfect for very experienced cave divers only.

3. Great Blue Hole, Belize

Belize’s massive sinkhole is a very popular destination for cave divers. The hole is over 124 meters deep and features stalactites formed before the cave filled with water. Divers can see a wide range of tropical fish in the clear water inside the Great Blue Hole, such as Caribbean reef sharks, Midnight Parrotfish and many juvenile fish species. You should choose the right time to visit the Great Blue Hole, though. The months of February to May are dry, while the months of June to August are rainy. Moreover, this cave is not recommended for beginners.

4. Mill Pond, United States

Located in Florida, Mill Pond looks like a tranquil lake from the surface. Below the water, however, divers can explore a 1,500 meter long limestone cave. The area also features boating and swimming for family members who may not wish to head into the cave. It’s one of the best places to spend your vacation, isn’t it?

5. Blue Abyss, Mexico

Mexico is home to a number of underwater caves. Cave diving in the Blue Abyss is a tedious task so make sure you dive with other experienced divers. The Blue Abyss is one of the more frequented caves. The cave attracts deep cave divers who enjoy a challenge, as it has many narrow passages for exploring.

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6. Sac Aktun, Mexico

Another of the impressive underwater caves in Mexico, Sac Aktun is located near Tulum, Mexico. The cave has steps leading down to the water and there are beautiful gardens around the area, as well. Tree roots hang into the water and provide feeding places for fish and turtles. Divers can explore smaller caves that branch off the main one.

7. El Cenote, Cuba

Cuba is home to a fairly simple water cave that starts out at 20 meters deep and reaches 80 meters at the end. An 800 meter tunnel is full of fascinating rock formations and shrimp. The cave contains three or four meters of fresh water and then salt water below this level, resulting in some interesting fish on both levels.

8. Lost Blue Hole, Bahamas

The Lost Blue Hole is a deep sinkhole filled with tropical fish and sharks, including Blacknose sharks. The cave is about 60 meters deep and is home to a number of interesting species, including tiny fish, such as jawfish, gobies, and tobacco fish. It is an easy dive with plenty of clear water and great visibility. The Lost Blue Hole is also a great place for underwater photographers.

9. Abismo Anhumas, Brazil

For divers with the right certification, Absimo Anhumas is an amazing dive. The water is extremely clear and blue. Huge schools of fish live in the cave system. Many of the caves are only partially explored and offer the lure of the unknown.

10. Nereo Cave, Italy

Grotta di Nereo is a massive underwater cave in Italy. It is the largest marine cave in the Mediterranean Sea and has at least ten different entrances. There are a number of different tunnels to explore, lined with red and yellow coral. Large numbers of Mediterranean sea life thrives in the caves as well.

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Each of the caves on this list is worth visiting, but millions of people will never see them because they don’t know how to dive. For those with the skills and qualifications, an entire world of wonders awaits below the surface of the water. Underwater caves provide explorers with the ultimate exploration experience. Are you an experienced cave diver? Are you going to explore any of these amazing caves?