10 Amazing Things to Do in Ghana


Whether you are a first time visitor to Ghana or you are returning for a repeat trip, there are plenty of things to see and to do in this country. Over 1,000,000 tourists visit Ghana each year, and the year round tropical climate makes the region a popular destination for wildlife and nature enthusiasts. Find out which attractions you won’t want to miss on your next trip to Ghana.

1. Kejetia Market

Located in the center of Kumasi, the Kejetia Market is often referred to as the largest market in West Africa. With over 11,000 stalls and 40,000 workers, this shopping hub sells food, knick-knacks, Ashanti sandals, glass beads, jewelry, and shoes. This destination is not a major tourist attraction, so shopkeepers are often pleasantly surprised to see visitors. You can also go with a guide who can help you to find obscure goods and will provide tips on bargaining.

2. Cape Coast Castle

The imposing, whitewashed castle found at the heart of Cape Coast is a historical wonder. You will visit dungeons and slave quarters, which contrast sharply with the grand Governor’s bedroom. The castle also features a museum that details the history of Ghana, Akan culture, and the slave trade.

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3. Kakum National Park

If you are interested in the wildlife of Ghana, the Kakum National Park is a great place to check out. This pocket of rainforest features endangered forest elephants, 300 species of bird, the colobus monkey, and about 600 butterfly species. The canopy walkway that is suspended nearly 100 feet above the forest floor is the main attraction.

4. The Kumasi Voodoo Experience

If you are interested in a unique experience when visiting Ghana, consider an exciting tour of the world of voodoo in Kumasi. Visit a voodoo shrine and meet with local priests who explain age-old spells, rituals, dances, and other practices. You will also watch a voodoo dance completed with ritualistic chants and costumed dancers.

5. Boabeng-Fiema Monkey Sanctuary

This small community-protected forest is the best place in the country to get a close-up encounter with two different monkey species: the black and white colobus monkey and the Lowe’s mona monkey. Both species are held sacred by the area’s local villagers.

6. Nzulezu Stilted Village

This unique village is best visited during the rainy season when the area water levels are high. Seated on stilts, this community lies in the middle of the Amansuri wetlands, which is rich in birds and other wildlife. The village is most easily visited via the waterfront village of Beyin via dugout canoe.

7. Ghanaian Festivals

If you really want to learn about the culture of Ghana, consider attending a Ghanaian festival. These festivals feature feasting, dancing, and drumming. Every region will have its own festivals to affirm its tribal values, remember its ancestors, and to prepare for another year.

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8. Mole National Park

The Mole National Park is one of the largest and best-equipped game reserves in the country, and visitors can easily see elephants and antelope like waterbuck, roan, and bushbuck. Spotted hyena and lion are also found in the park, although they are more elusive. Visitors must always be accompanied by a tour guide in the park, but you can explore in a four wheel drive vehicle or on foot.

9. Accra

Ghana’s capital city of Accra is one of the most popular cities in the country. Visitors can see Ghanaian art at the National Museum, or you can get to know the area by traveling around Independence Square. The Centre for National Culture is a great place to shop until you drop, and kente cloth and other crafts are plentiful in this area.

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10. Busua

If you are looking for a beach adventure during your trip to Ghana, consider the coastal village of Busua. This community features great seafood restaurant and a popular surfing scene. In fact, the beaches run for about nine miles west to Cape Three Points, and they are lined with isolated and rustic resorts.

Despite the numerous activities and attractions available in this country, Ghana is only the 108th out of 139 countries noted as favorite tourism destinations. Visit Ghana today and tell your friends about the fabulous sites available in this beautiful country. Have you ever visited Ghana?