10 Must-See Greek Beaches


Greece is one of the most naturally beautiful countries on Earth. It’s also home to some of the most stunning and breathtaking beaches in the world. With so much beauty to choose from, you may have a hard time narrowing down where to go first. Here are ten must-visit Greek beach destinations.

1. Myrtos

Located in Kefalonia, Myrtos beach is one of the most exotic and impressive beaches in the world. The shoreline seems to go on forever, with turquoise waters lapping against striking white cliffs. Myrtos beach is located between the feet of two magnificent mountains, Kalon Oros and Agia Dynati. It has gained worldwide reputation as one of the best Greek beaches and has often been included in the lists of the best beaches in the world.

Myrtos beach has been awarded lots of times for its natural beauty, cleanness and maintenance. It is perfectly organized at the most part with comfortable sun decks and umbrellas. However, if you don’t like crowded beaches, there is a small part that is absolutely unspoilt, perfect for couples or complete isolation. Myrtos beach is also one of the most photographed places in the Greek Islands. The western coast of the beach offers breathtakingly beautiful sunset views. The great news is that Myrtos beach is easily reachable by most means of transport. Fantastic scenery, lush green area, crystal clear waters, white pebbles, and excellent service makes Myrtos one of the most beautiful beaches to visit in Greece. No wonder Myrtos beach attracts thousands of visitors each year.

2. Mpalos

If unspoiled beauty is what you’re looking for, you’ll be hard-pressed to beat Crete’s Mpalos beach. The Gramvoussa peninsula, in the northwest of Chania, has created a shallow bay where sun worshipers can experience several stunning shades of blue in one body of water.

Mpalos offers a peaceful atmosphere, spectacular view, pinky white sands and turquiose and light green waters. The water is extremely warm here so you can enjoy swimming as long as you want. Mpalos is also an amazing place for snorkeling. I’ve visited Mpalos many times and I can surely say that this Greek beach is not to be missed. It’s hard to describe Mpalos, you really do have to visit it and enjoy its captivating beauty. If you don’t like crowded places, don’t plan your trip to Mpalos during July or August. Though, if you reach the beach early in the morning, you’ll be able to enjoy several peaceful hours even during these months. The easiest way to get to Mpalos is by ferry that you can take from nearby Kissamos. You will be taken on a small excursion around the Gramvousa island and you will have an opportunity to visit the old Venetian fortress and the shipwreck.

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3. Sarakiniko

Located in Milos, Sarakiniko beach looks like a movie set, or an otherworldly landscape. Magnificent stone arches frame brilliant white sand, crystal blue waters, and a series of underwater caves. The whole landscape formed by the marvelous volcanic rocks is bright white, which makes a wonderful contrast with the turquoise and deep blue waters. Moreover, it doesn’t have any signs of vegetation. Thanks to its fantastic scenery, you will feel like you stand on the moon’s surface. When visiting Sarakiniko, don’t miss watching the sunset, and don’t forget to take your camera. Sarakiniko is believed to be the most photographed place in the Aegean Sea. Sarakiniko is an excellent place for snorkeling adventures near the mysterious sunken shipwreck.

You need to bring your own drinking water and snacks. Though, there is a small shop at the beginning of the Sarakiniko beach where you can purchase some food and water. If you want to enjoy the beauty of this unique beach, I recommend you to get there early in the morning. Although you can find the beach with the softer sand, top-flight restaurants, great bars elsewhere in the Greek islands, Sarakiniko is definitely worth visiting. You won’t regret seeing the changing colors of the water (from greenish to dark blue), white landscape and marvelous rock formations.

4. Simos

Off the coast of Lakonia, you’ll find the tiny, remote island of Elafonsios. And here, on this exotic escape, you’ll find another, even more hidden treasure. Past the postcard-perfect port and gentle sand dunes is the Simos beach. Powder white sand and water so transparent that it looks like glass make this one destination you won’t soon forget. Simos offers a wonderful swimming experience and it’s a perfect place to relax and soak up the sun. When the weather is windy, you can go windsurfing.

Simos consists of two beautiful beaches, Mikros Simos and Megalos Simos. The longest beach in Elafonissos is Megalos Simos, and Mikros Simos is within a short walk from there. A narrow strip of soft white sand divides these spectacular beaches that boast turquoise, see-through waters and breathtaking scenery. Despite the large size of the Simos beach, sometimes it’s difficult to find parking and space to simply spread a towel, so make sure you get there early in the morning, especially during high season. Simos is ideal for people who love to go to the beach to see and be seen and who love to have lots of fun. It’s a well-organized beach with umbrellas, sunbeds, great beach bars and a few taverns nearby.

5. Voutoumi

In Antipaxoi, you’ll find Voutoumi beach, a small patch of soft sand and turquoise waters surrounded by lush green hills that stretch out to the sea. Since Antipaxos is a small island with about 60 permanent residents, there are no hotels and places to stay, but don’t let it stop you from visiting Voutoumi beach. It’s an earthly paradise! Spend the whole day lying on the beach and exploring the stunning underwater life, and have lunch at one of the small restaurants or taverns serving fresh caught seafood. But keep in mind that this beach is not nudist-friendly. July is the best time to visit the Voutoumi Beach so you have enough time to save some money for your trip to Voutoumi beach.

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6. Porto Katsiki

Perhaps one of the most breathtaking beaches anywhere on the planet, Lefkada’s Porto Katsiki is unlike any other place on Earth. With a near-constant breeze and mild weather, it’s the steep rocks, jutting cliffs and gentle white sand that make this place stand out. There are canteens and parking lots. Camping is typically prohibited and there’s no lodging. You will have to book a room in one of the best hotels on Lefkada or an apartment in one of the nearest villages such as Athani village.

Porto Katsiki offers a lot of of space for laying under the sun as well as for numerous water and beach activities such as sailing, swimming, and surfing. However, the beach is not the best place for snorkeling. The best time to visit Porto Katsiki, especially if you want to avoid crowds on the beach and on the roads, is during late May or early June.

7. Shipwreck Bay

In the 1960’s coastguard members mistakenly ran a cargo ship to shore in Zakynthos, believing it to be a drug runner. Today, the giant skeleton of a ship is still on the beach, near the cliffs that overlook the bay. A popular spot for swimmers, this is one of Greece’s most unusual beach spots worth visiting. However, the beach can be accessed only by boat.

This summer, I visited Shipwreck Bay and I was greatly impressed with the beauty of the beach. The water is amazingly transparent and warm so that it’s hard to stop swimming. The only disadvantage of visiting Shipwreck Bay is that it’s too overcrowded. I don’t prefer to share the beach with hundreds of people, but I really like this place because of its beauty.

8. Vrika

If swimming, snorkeling and generally splashing about in gorgeous green blue water is your idea of heaven, then Vrika beach is the way to go. Catch a boat on Corfu to this sandy getaway, and you might not ever want to leave. Vrika beach can be accessible only by boat. You can access it with a water taxi or day-cruise from Paxos island or Parga in the mainland.

Vrika beach is a wonderful place to go snorkeling. While it doesn’t boast a rich underwater life, you will see many beautiful fish and underwater rock formations. Visibility underwater is perfect. Vrika beach is usually overcrowded, so make sure you visit the beach as early in the morning as possible. Unfortunately, there are no water sports available on the Vrika beach, but I’m sure you will find many other interesting activities to try.

9. Ayia Eleni

If you’re traveling with a group, Ayia Eleni has something for everyone. Mountains, a view of the mainland, beach bars, restaurants, kayaking, pedal boats, and crystal clear water for swimming make this beach one of the best Greek beaches really worth visiting.

Agia Eleni is a romanitc beach with a spectacular sunset and it is easy to reach from the main road. If you are planning your honeymoon, I highly recommend considering Agia Eleni. Sure, the beach is not a luxury destination, but it has everything for your romantic honeymoon. Personally I’m a huge sunset lover, and Ayia Eleni is one of my favorite places where I can enjoy breathtakingly beautiful and unique sunsets. I’ve been visiting the beach for over 5 years and I hope to visit it again next year.

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10. Paleochori

Follow the winding road south from Zefyria for about 5 miles and you’ll discover Paleochori. Underground volcanic activity keeps the water warm year-round, and stunning cliffs in a myriad of colors look down on the sandy shore. The beach is calm and relaxing and it’s not crowded at all! When swimming, be very careful, because it’s quite deep and the waves can be rough.

I can’t say that Paleochori is an ideal place for snorkeling due to poor visibility, though it has an abundant marine life. However, I can surely say that it’s a fantastic place to take sunrise and sunset pictures!

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Greece is well-known for its awesome beaches and it’s really hard to choose the best one to visit. These ten Greek beaches are just a few beaches I recommend you to visit. If you have any other suggestions, please let me know. I’m always on the lookout for a new places (especially beaches!) to visit.