10 Fabulous Museums to Visit in New York


8. The Met Cloisters

Photo: wikimedia.org

Almost a real medieval monastery in Manhattan – The Cloisters – is primarily an architectural museum. The museum was opened in 1938. This place used to be a French monastery with four buildings adjoining it, which served as a frame for the museum.

This is a constructor assembled from the walls, windows, and arches of various castles and monasteries in France, Germany, and Spain.

It is located at the northernmost tip of Manhattan and is surrounded by beautiful gardens. In addition, the museum is part of the famous Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan. You can come here even for the sake of the building itself.

The main focus of the museum is on European medieval art and architecture. By the way, its impressive collection includes almost 5,000 exhibits. It contains crucifixes, sculptures of saints, sarcophagi for relics, Limoges enamels, crosses, ivory figurines, and illustrated manuscripts, including the magnificent Hours of the Duke of Berry.

Most of the collection dates back to the XII-XV centuries. The main treasures of the collection are a series of mystical tapestries, “Hunting the Unicorn”, created in the early 15th century by Brussels weavers, and the Merode triptych by Robert Campin.

Address: 99 Margaret Corbin Dr