10 Most Beautiful Places in China


People usually only get to hear about the crowded, polluted cities of China. Few can ever imagine the unbelievable dreamscapes that make up the rest of the country. China is easily one of the most beautiful places on earth. If you find this hard to believe, the list below should convince you.

1. Mount Huangshan, Anhui Province

If you’ve ever seen Chinese martial arts films about hermit gurus meditating on misty mountains, one look at the 6,000-foot Mount Huangshan will show you where they get their inspiration. With odd, unearthly rock formations, strange, alien-looking pine trees, a mysterious, thick mist hanging in the air, and bone-chilling cold, a trek up Mount Huangshan is likely to be one of the most otherworldly experiences you ever have. A trip to Mount Huangshan is part of the bucket list of many Chinese.

Huangshan Mountains are located 50 km from the city and 300 km southwest of Shanghai. They are famous for their majestic pine-covered cliffs, sung by Chinese artists and poets since the Qin Dynasty. The modern name Huangshan was given to them by the poet Li Po in 747 in honor of the legendary emperor Huang Di.

The main feature of the Huangshan Mountains is a stunning beauty. There are five classic sights of the Yellow Mountains. These are bizarre rocks, pine trees, clouds below mountain peaks, hot springs, and peaks covered with snow.

The world of Huangshan is diverse and breathtakingly beautiful, keeps many secrets, and will generously reward those who have the courage, curiosity, and patience to overcome all obstacles and find their way in the labyrinth of mountain roads. Secret paths wind between the peaks, taking us into the depths of the mountains.