10 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in the World


Do you long to be swept away by the beauty of nature and transported to a place where you can truly revel in the majesty of the great outdoors? One of nature’s most spectacular features is the awe-inspiring waterfall. The waterfalls attract visitors by their rich history, breathtaking and mysterious beauty, and wildlife. Check out the following ten most beautiful waterfalls in the world to see if you agree with the choices listed.

1. Goðafoss

Iceland’s Goðafoss waterfall is one of those spectacles of nature that will truly take your breath away. Mist from the falls will make you catch your breath as you stand in awe at the beauty of this incredible sight. Take your camera, stand in silence, and let the beauty of Goðafoss sink into your soul. Goðafoss boasts a rich history and once you get here you will understand why it’s called the waterfall of the gods.

2. Skógafoss, Iceland

One of the biggest waterfalls in Iceland, Skógafoss feels like the birth place of rainbows. Thanks to the amount of spray the waterfall produces, you can see a single or double rainbow on a sunny day. Towering and tumbling, the waterfall is wrapped on either side by lush hillsides. Don’t be surprised if you are brought to your knees as you stand below Skógafoss and are humbled by the magnitude of its majestic beauty.

3. Langfoss Falls

Norway’s Langfoss Falls are rugged and overpowering. Water thunders from atop a mountainside and coats the road below in mist. If you want to feel the power of a waterfall as it sends reverberations through your core, you need to stand below the Langfoss Falls and be mesmerized by their grandeur. I recommend visiting the Langfoss Falls in May, June, and September to avoid the crowds and save some cash.

4. Niagara Falls, Canadian and American border

Spanning both the Canadian and American border, Niagara Falls continues to find a place on top ten lists of beautiful waterfalls. Nothing beats the sound of the falls at dawn. In you are looking for a location that will haunt your heart permanently, you absolutely need to visit Niagara Falls. The waterfall is perfect for meditation and healing.

5. Krka National Park, Croatia

Dalmatia’s (Croatia) Krka National Park boasts one of the most serene waterfalls you could ever hope to encounter. Numerous falls cascade into pools of green-blue water. Although Croatia is home to numerous beautiful scenic delights, the Krka National Park is one of the best. You can swim in the lakes (though, you are not allowed to swim under the waterfalls themselves) and lie in the sun, or you can spend a day exploring the trails.

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6. Vinh Hy, Ninh Thuan, Vietnam

In the Ninh Thuan province of Vietnam, you will find Vinh Hy bay. The stunning scenery of the waterfall at Vinh Hy bay is enough to make you wonder how on earth it is possible that such beauty exists in this world. Ethereal and haunting, these falls are so incredible that it almost hurts your heart to try to take in every droplet of their beauty.

7. Taughannock Falls, New York

The Taughannock waterfalls in New York are another example of spectacular scenery. Cascading from a flat rock face, these falls are especially enchanting during the autumn months. The red and gold foliage atop the falls provide the perfect frame to the crisp white of the tumbling water. You reach a fantastic view of the Taughannock Falls by walking along a 3/4-mile-long trail.

8. The Havasu Falls, Arizona’s Grand Canyon

The Havasu Falls in Arizona’s Grand Canyon is another must-see place that needs to be on your bucket list. The red clay of the surrounding canyon accents the blue water as it pools below the falls. Don’t be surprised if you are tempted by a longing to jump into the water below. The Havasu Falls is always a favorite subject for most photographers, so be sure you take along your camera as well.

9. Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada

If traditional waterfalls aren’t your thing, perhaps frozen falls might be more to your liking. Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada is home to some of the most spectacular frozen falls you’ll encounter on planet Earth (during the winter, that is). Apart from watching the waterfall, there are many other great things you can do in the Banff National Park, such as skiing, hiking, and camping, not to mention you can explore the spectacular wildlife.

10. Col du Mont-Cenis, France

France’s Col du Mont-Cenis is also stunning during the winter months. Shards of frozen falls look as though they are ready to pierce the heart of any climber brave enough to scale their surface. Ice-climbing on waterfalls is definitely not for the faint of heart. Visiting the waterfall in summer is a great idea as well.

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When traveling around the world, you can explore dozens of breathtaking waterfalls. They are all different, but so beautiful. What do you think? Would the above-listed waterfalls make your top ten list? With so many breathtaking falls to choose from, it is difficult to choose just ten. What are some of the most stunning waterfalls you have encountered?