10 Incredible Winter Destinations Worth Visiting


Snow and ice are enough to make even the most avid winter fan want to find somewhere warmer to hang out for a while. You can find warmer vacation spots abroad, as well as in your very own country. It is just a matter of deciding which destination suits your plans best. Check out some of the best winter destinations that are truly worth visiting.

1. Hawaii

Since Hawaii is part of the United States, it is a popular destination for many Americans. However, the tropical islands are a fun place to visit for anyone.

The sandy beaches, active volcanoes, and tropical jungle make the islands the perfect place to escape a wet, cold winter. Not to mention that there are plenty of deals in February to consider, so that you could save pretty money.

2. Belize

For those travelers looking for a little more adventure, Belize is a great option. It is a short flight from the U.S. and relatively inexpensive, compared to most tropical destinations.

You have a choice between the lush rainforests of the mainland or sunny beaches and snorkeling on the cays. Or, you can enjoy the perks of both worlds.

3. Fiji

Deep in the South Pacific, a cluster of over 300 islands gives tourists a place to recover from winter. Fiji offers everything from simple hostels to private island accommodations, so there is something for everyone.

Snorkeling and diving in the crystal clear water off the islands is a far better way to spend your day than shoveling snow.

4. Mexico

Mexico is a large country, so you have plenty of options for enjoying your warm vacation. For culture and food, try Guadalajara.

It is a relaxed city that is much nicer than Mexico City. However, for beach time and cocktails by the pool, head to Cancun or Puerto Vallarta.

5. Bahamas

The Bahamas are made up of multiple islands, all of which are just off the tip of Florida. You can choose where to stay, from the tranquil Inagua to the bustling city streets of Nassau.

No matter where you end up, you will be surrounded by white beaches and pristine blue water. That’s a true divine.

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6. Puerto Rico

Most people speak English in Puerto Rico, though it is just one of the official languages here. The other one is Spanish.

For American travelers, no passport is necessary since this tropical country is a U.S. commonwealth country. If you are a fan of rum, you will enjoy testing the many brands that are produced in Puerto Rico.

7. Florida

The entire state of Florida is a stunning place to head when the snow starts falling. You have a choice of several theme parks, deep sea fishing, tanning on the beach or watching a rocket launch.

From relaxing to partying all night, there is something to do no matter where you stay. Be ready to enjoy some rains, though.

8. Jamaica

Known as the homeland of Bob Marley, Jamaica is a large island surrounded by beautiful beaches and pristine ocean.

The country itself is beautiful and the people are friendly. It is nice and tropical, too, so you can leave the snow behind and enjoy the culture and heat.

9. Costa Rica

One of the most popular destinations in Central America is Costa Rica. While the country is still low in price, it is fairly modern in other ways and is one of the safer places to hang out in the area.

You will have the chance to swim off white sand beaches, zip line over the cloud forest, or trek through the jungle. There is no shortage of activities and best of all, it is warm.

10. Aruba

With plenty of white sand beaches and incredible scenery that makes for great photos, Aruba is the ultimate travel destination. It also has a very busy nightlife and you will have plenty of fun.

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Get away from the cold this winter and enjoy a more tropical setting. Whether you want to head to Mexico or a little further overseas, there is the perfect paradise awaiting you.