3 Reasons Látrabjarg Is a Destination for Everyone


Látrabjarg, a part of Westfjords region in Iceland, marks the western most point of Europe. With a height of 440 m and a length of 14 km, it is one of the largest bird cliffs in Europe. Westfjords lies in the Northwestern Iceland, and is almost whittled away from the rest of the world due to its geographic location, sparse population, and unpolluted landscape.

Látrabjarg is well-connected from the capital city, Reykjavík, through land, air, and sea. The preferred way to travel is, however, through the winding roads, which offer breathtaking scenery and stunning photographs.

1. It boasts a spectacular landscape and a rich fauna

The magnificent cliffs are home to a variety of seabirds, found in colonies. The adorable puffin is the star attraction, aptly named as the National Bird of Iceland. Other birds abundantly found here include: guillemots, northern gannets, cormorants, gulls and kittiwakes. These cliffs also boast of the largest razorbills colony in the world. Seals are also frequently spotted.

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2. It is a destination for every type of traveler

Látrabjarg attracts thousands of bird-watchers and photographic enthusiasts for its rich avian fauna, but with many attractions nearby, it is a destination for every type of traveler: remote trails for adventurers, chic museums for connoisseurs of history, lush waterfalls for nature lovers, vast golf courses for luxury seekers, azure hot-springs for offbeat travelers and serene beaches for average tourists.

The nearest town to Látrabjarg is Patreksfjordur, a fishing town where hiking and mountain climbing are popular.

3. It has multiple options for sleeping

Hotel Látrabjarg in Patreksfjordur, a family run guest house, welcomes guests between the months of May and September. The guesthouse is well located near a beach with fishing opportunities. Another affordable place to stay is Hnjotur Guesthouse, which provides extensive hiking trails and an unusual museum. For a unique experience, plan your stay in one of the farm stays available in the region.

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Be it birding or photographing or sightseeing, Látrabjarg never disappoints; the remote location only adds more charm to it. Head to Látrabjarg for a rendezvous with virgin nature – and do not forget to pack your camera.