10 Fabulous US Thanksgiving Getaways


Thanksgiving is right around the corner and you must be planning to make it an exciting day for you and your family. This Thanksgiving calls for a little change in the regular pace of life, and plan a fun fall camping trip. Many cities in the Unites States throw grand Thanksgiving celebrations to let people make most of their holiday season. Since it’s a long weekend, this is the perfect time to pack your bags, pull out the tent and pack the car to head out on a Thanksgiving road trip with your family. Here top 10 US cities to celebrate Thanksgiving that you might want to explore. They have pleasant holiday traditions and celebrations that are well worth a visit during the festive season.

1. Houston, Texas

Visit breathtaking 66th Annual H-E-B Thanksgiving Day Parade that will be held in Houston on November 26. Every year, this exciting parade attracts thousands of people from the cities and towns of United States. The parade begins at 9 am and and will show new floats and balloons, as well as original float entries from a number of local artists, and Grand Marshal.

2. Chicago, Illinois

The Thanksgiving parade in Chicago is known as The McDonald’s Parade that features the giant character balloons. You will see the inflated balloons of your favorite cartoon characters such as Garfield, Underdog and Curious George. The parade begins at 8 am on November 26. The parade marches down State Street from Congress to Randolph. Those who are not able to attend the parade can enjoy the live broadcast on television.

3. New York City

New York is one of the best Thanksgiving getaways, when it comes to celebrating Thanksgiving. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade is the country’s largest parade. It’s one of the most recognized parades of all. The parade first started 80 years ago, and today it attracts millions of spectators from all around the world. The event is broadcasted and seen by over 44 million televisions viewers. The parade begins at 9 am on 77th Street and Central Park West, continues through the city’s Upper West Side and ends at 34th Street and 7th Avenue.

4. Washington, D.C.

The capital is one of the best places to soak up your long weekend. The district offers plenty of attractions commemorating the people who have helped shape up the country. There are many things that you can explore while on your trip to Washington for Thanksgiving. George Washington and Abraham Lincoln had direct impact on the birth, celebration and continuation of the tradition of Thanksgiving.

5. Plymouth, Massachusetts

The tourists are often seen underwhelmed by the sight of the Plymouth Rock, but the town makes it up by offering adventurous and exciting three-day Thanksgiving celebration. The celebration is planned to span the entire weekend with fun and frolic environment in the town.

The modern Thanksgiving holiday celebration involves sharing meals between the pilgrims, neighboring tribe, modern residents and pilgrim reenactors at Plimoth Plantation. The town rekindles its history with parade, food festival, and series of concerts. However, don’t expect to get cakes, pie or desserts as many traditional Thanksgiving staples are not available to the pilgrims. If you can’t stay without them, divert your route to some other city.

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6. St. Augustine, Florida

If you’re skeptical about your trip to Plymouth, you might want to try St. Augustine for the holiday to celebrate Thanksgiving. A weekend trip to this oldest European-established city will prove to be a fruitful and worthwhile holiday.

According to local history, the first Thanksgiving was celebrated in St. Augustine, Florida on the founding day of St. Augustine Church. Spanish explorer, Pedro Menendez de Aviles was the man behind it. He gathered over 600 Timucuan Indians for a meal with the Spanish colonists. The first Thanksgiving was celebrated on Sept. 8, 1565. Today St. Augustine celebrates Thanksgiving with a grand festival at the Fountain of Youth Park.

7. Detroit, Michigan

Thanksgiving Parade in Detroit started in the year 1924. Today, it attracts thousands of spectators. It’s famous for its every grand collection of giant papier-mache heads. These giant head are also known as Big Heads. These resemble walking bobbleheads in colorful and vibrant costumes. The route of the parade begins on Woodward Avenue and continues through downtown. There are plenty of small game competitions that you can participate in to make your day fulfilling and enjoyable. Don’t forget to do a bit of exercises before heading out for Thanksgiving parade.

8. Dallas, Texas

Apparently, the locals in Dallas don’t specifically wait for Thursday. The preparations and celebrations of Thanksgiving begin much earlier. The “Glory Window” is the main highlight of the event. It’s one of the largest horizontally mounted stained-glass pieces in the world. Apart from it, the Hall of Thanksgiving, Thanks-Giving Square Foundation, Spirit of Thanks-Giving Award are other highlights of the celebration. The Thanksgiving celebration in Dallas is quite different than in other cities.

9. Nashville, Tennessee

Celebrate Thanksgiving with an enchanting trip to the home of Country Music. Nashville is one of the most unusual cities to celebrate Thanksgiving. It’s surrounded with rural communities offering exciting ventures such as hayrides, horseback riding, corn maze, and fall color. Plan to visit the Grand Ole Opry. Don’t forget to pass by Opryland Hotel to see the Christmas lights. You can also take a boat ride on the General Jackson to get a beautiful view of the city.

10. Phoenix, Arizona

Thanksgiving is directly related to the Native Americans and there’s nothing better than celebrating the festival in a place that yells Native American history. Phoenix is home to some Indian reservations, including the Navajo Reservation. Resorts organize various fabulous dinners and you can spend your long weekend exploring scenic drive on the Apache Trail, offering amazing view of canyons, desert plants, geologic formations, desert and lake views.

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Get ready to enjoy this Thanksgiving in one of most amazing cities of the United States. Thanksgiving parades are a great way to celebrate the festival in a traditional way with turkey, football and pumpkin pie. You will have fun with giant character balloons, exotic dance troops and marching bands making their way through city streets. If you’re not a parade lovers, then consider visiting Nashville or Phoenix. Are you ready for Thanksgiving?