10 Wonderful Things to Do in Jerusalem


Jerusalem has three main sections – the Old City, West Jerusalem and East Jerusalem. Surrounded by massive old stone walls, the Old City has the most significant sites of Jerusalem to see. Once you let yourself in through one of the seven gates, you’ll see the greatest destinations of the Jewish tradition. Outside the Old City, West Jerusalem is a modern, buzzing city that’s full of life. East Jerusalem is a predominantly Arab district. While it isn’t as modern as West Jerusalem, it is an interesting area, full of old-world Arab markets. If you plan your trip to Jerusalem, here are a few ideas on what to do and where to go.

1. The Wailing Wall

Also known as the Kotel or the Western Wall, the Wailing Wall in the middle of the old city dates to the 1st century BC. Devout Jewish pilgrims come here with their wishes written down on pieces of paper, place them in little cracks in the wall, and hope for God’s attention. The sight of hundreds of pilgrims at the Wailing Wall can be a moving one.