10 Incredible Reasons to Visit Miami


2. Miami is all about water sports

There’s a lot more to do on Miami’s beaches than sunbathing and swimming. Miami has some of the best developed facilities anywhere for water sports and related activities. Among other things, you get to go kayaking, jet skiing, parasailing, scuba diving and deep-sea fishing. Take a few lessons of windsurfing or parasailing! I was fortunate to have a very experienced and savvy windsurfing instructor that helped me to ride the waves like a pro!

Do you want to admire breathtaking sunsets and marvelous dawns? Private charters are definitely for you in this case! Nothing could be more romantic than having a dinner on a sailboat while admiring the views of a great city. Another kind of experience that you will never forget is swimming with dolphins! Even though this entertainment is rather costly, it’s worth it. Miami Seaquarium will provide you with some information about these magnificent marine mammals before you will put on your wetsuit and start swimming with dolphins. Just imagine, you will have a chance to touch, hug, dance and even kiss those friendly dolphins!