8 Breathtaking Spring Break Destinations


Spring break is almost here or already here for some college students, so it is time to think about a short yet unbelievable trip you can take. Depending on where you are going, the prices may ruin your already poor budget. However, if you have been saving some cash for months and now you want to splurge on a fantastic spring break trip, here are a few breathtaking destinations to consider:

1. The Great Barrier Reef

If you are lucky to live in Australia or you have enough money to travel to this fabulous country, the Great Barrier Reef may be your best spring break destination. From visiting tourist attractions and taking a tour in a boat, to snorkeling and swimming, the Great Barrier Reef has something to offer everyone.

2. South Padre Island

Looking for a destination that offers tons of fun parties? South Padre Island must be your choice. Apart from parties, the island offers plenty of water activities, including kayaking and surfing. South Padre Island is well-known for its spectacular beaches and incredible climate.

3. Miami

With a mix of residents, travelers, and cultures, Miami is an excellent spring break destination for every college student. There are many free activities to try: from free museum days to free annual events. Do your own research before traveling. The good news is, you do not have to break the bank to explore Miami’s beauty.

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4. Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta has one of the most fascinating and spectacular oceanfronts in Mexico. Whether you want to spend a day or a week, Puerto Vallarta boasts many free and affordable activities that every student, including you, will love. Explore the pristine beauty of Banderas Bay, the dramatic seaside arches Los Arcos and an amazing south side neighborhood Zona Romantica. All for free!

5. Santa Barbara, California

Palm trees, white sand beaches, scenic vistas, exquisite cuisine, and celebrity residents make Santa Barbara one of the best spring break destinations. Santa Barbara is known for its low prices. If you don not have cash for hotels, you can find affordable rooms all over town, of course, with a little hunting. Just be careful when choosing a room.

6. Caribbean Islands

This is a kind of luxury, but a cruise is always worth money. Most cruises are all inclusive, so you only pay once and enjoy an unforgettable spring break trip for a few days or weeks. The price ranges from $189 to $999. But with a little better research, you might find even awesome deals. Caribbean cruise is perfect for those suffering from cold weather and craving summery warmth.

7. San Diego

Treat yourself to a fabulous spring break trip in San Diego. With a great number of hotel deals and affordable attraction packages, your spring break will be unforgettable and your wallet will be happier than ever. Many students visit San Diego to enjoy spring celebrations and festivals as well as endless sandy beaches.

8. Jamaica

One of the reasons Jamaica is great for college students is because the tickets and accommodations are rather cheap and the variety of activities is unlimited. Golden beaches, turquoise seas, emerald mountains, cascades, breathtaking rainforests, beautiful coral reefs, magnificent rivers, and wonderful mineral springs make Jamaica one of the best destinations in the world.

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Spring break is a great opportunity to relax and spend a quality time with your family, partner or friends. If you are looking for an affordable spring break destination, one of the places mentioned above is a perfect option. So, what is your spring break destination this season?