16 Photos and Reasons Miami is the Weirdest and the Best City in the U.S.A.


A lot of people, including me, think that Miami is the best city to live in! Don’t you agree? Check out a few reasons why Miami is the weirdest and the best city in the USA!

1. Because Will Smith said so

2. January in Miami

3. So in winter you can dress like this

4. Tanning beds are obsolete any time of the year

5. Spanglish is the first language

6. It’s absolutely acceptable to ride your bicycle in a crowded intersection with your bathing suit on

7. Sometimes you can see a duck or a peacock waddling down the street

8. Or look up and see wild parrots chillaxing

9. Cars are tricked out with red rims, prideful flags or plastic sharks

10. Cuban coffee is more amazing and addictive than any drug

11. The best Cuban food can be found there

12. You can see a Goya truck leading the Three Kings Parade

13. Being a chonga is a way of life

14. You can wear your chancletas year-round

15. Pink, purple, lime green, orange, and aqua houses are absolutely acceptable

16. You can go to a restaurant with cooling misters


Do you think Miami is the weirdest and the best city in the USA? Share your thoughts, please!


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