7 Important Tips for Backpackers


Backpackers face many risks, so it’s vital to know a few safety tips for backpacking. Backpackers are generally adventurous people, but that doesn’t mean they can relax and just throw caution out the window. If you like backpacking, check out a few tips for backpackers that will help you to stop worrying about your person and your belongings and allow you to concentrate on having fun and enjoying your trip.

1. Leave valuable things at home

You should leave at home everything that’s eye candy for thieves. I know it can be difficult to leave your camera, phone and laptop at home, but there is no need to take you laptop, even if you need to get online you can always find Internet cafe. Another great solution is to have a good smartphone that has everything you need. You should also leave your jewellery at home.

2. Keep your travel documents safe

Perhaps this is the most important tip for backpackers. Remember, you should always look after your documents. Yes, girls, don’t just shove them into your backpack! Before going on your trip, take 2 or 3 copies of all the documents including your passport, tickets and reservations. Swap 1 copy with your travel companion. I also scan my documents and email copies of them to myself.

3. Secure your backpack

Along with a sturdy and lightweight backpack you should also buy a lock to make it secure. Since backpacks are very attractive targets to most thieves, you should always secure your backpack.

4. Don’t advertise your cash and credit cards

It is essential to keep your money in different places in your backpack and keep some money easily accessible. When you need to get more money out, try to do it discretely. Take only one credit card and always keep it with you and away from your documentation. Inform your bank that you’re traveling and to where.

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5. Carry a first aid kit

Another most important tip for backpackers is to carry a first aid kit. It must contain such rudimentary items as pain killers, diarrhea tablets, sticking plasters, bandaging, and anything specific to the place you are traveling to, like water purifiers and malaria tablets. And if you take any regular medication, don’t think that you will get it where you are going. Take your medication with you.

6. Be careful with beggars

A lot of backpackers travel to the poor countries where there are many children and adults who look like they have not been fed for a week or a month and it’s so hard just to walk away from them. However, if you give to one or two kids, you will find yourself overwhelmed by lots of others. So if you really want to give, don’t give money. It’ll be better to buy food and give that over.

7. Be especially vigilant

Before you go do your research to know a little about the potential dangers or risk factors of the places you’re traveling to. For instance, know what the common travel scams are and which areas are susceptible to pickpocket. And don’t choose a hotel in a remote part of the town.

If you are an experienced backpacker, do you have any other tips? Feel free to share them with us in the comments section.