10 Most Beautiful Places in the World


4. Great Blue Hole

A big underwater sinkhole, the Great Blue Hole is located near the center of Lighthouse Reef. This great diving destination is about 407 ft deep and 984 ft wide, and is rich in clear water and beautiful marine life. If you love diving, then the magnificent Great Blue Hole is just for you. Just imagine diving in crystal-clear water and meeting unique species of fish, such as Caribbean reef shark, Midnight Parrotfish, and even bull shark. Moreover, you will have a great opportunity to see fantastic coral formations. Take a day trip to the Great Blue Hole from one of the coastal communities in Belize. Just be sure to get there as earlier as possible.

In 2012, the Great Blue Hole topped the Discovery Channel’s list of 10 Most Amazing Places on Earth. Thanks to its beauty the Great Blue Hole is now on the list of the most beautiful places in the world. So if you’re planning your trip to Belize, be sure to go to the Great Blue Hole. The boat ride is about two hours long, but the scenery is captivating and you will certainly enjoy the ride. While it’s not a cheap experience, it’s well worth the cost.