10 Gravity Defying Homes from around the World


According to the rules of gravity, whatever goes up must come down. However, the ten homes on this list seem to defy this rule. With architectural features ranging from precarious overhangs to mid-air suspension; it is sometimes difficult to determine what if anything supports these structures. These structures are located in Europe, Asia, Australia and North America, and redefine the meaning of the term “home” in many respects.

1. Gangster House, Arkhangelsk, Russia

This incomplete structure is believed to be the tallest wooden house in the world, soaring to a height of 144 feet, or approximately half the height of Big Ben in London. The house gets its name from the fact owner Nikolai Sutyagin has been in and out of jail three times. After his release from his third jail term, Sutyagin no longer had the money to continue construction on the house, but lives in the ramshackle contraption anyway.