11 Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Singapore


4. Green Dot

Photo: pollen.com.sg

It serves Asian fusion dishes in a vegetarian version. The taste is almost indistinguishable from analogs based on meat and fish. The fact is that chefs of this best vegetarian restaurant use the taste properties of mushrooms and flowers to the fullest.

So, gong bao mushrooms help to achieve the taste of beef in rendang, and konnyaki flower jelly successfully replaces fish and shrimp. The flower is grown in large quantities in China and Japan, and is used in many products, from sweets to cosmetics. In addition, it has healing properties and is actively used in traditional Chinese medicine. The hit here is the vegan laksa without eggs and milk, replaced by plant-based counterparts.

Address: 3 Gateway Drive #01-08 Westgate

Opening Hours:

Daily, 08:30 am to 21:00 pm

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