10 Best Places to Party in the World


The world affords some incredible places where people come to congregate in a beautiful setting with rich and vibrant nightlife. The following places are among the most popularly visited by party-seekers worldwide. If you are looking to experience world-class nightlife, be sure to check these places out!

1. Ibiza, Spain

From the celebrated foam parties of clubs like Amnesia to the stunning island beaches, Ibiza has become a Mediterranean playground for party-goers from all corners of the earth. Cities like Ibiza Town and Sant Antoni boast a myriad of clubs, pubs, bars, and venues that entice anyone in the mood for eating, drinking, dancing, and mingling. While the island is most famous for its party scene, Ibiza also features various World Heritage Sites that are well worth visiting during the day.

2. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio enjoys a reputation as one of the world’s chief party places. With its legendary beaches like Ipa Nema, Rio is a dazzling seaside city that is awash in sunshine, clubs, and excitement. The city boasts accommodations to suit a wide array of budgets too, so if you can get to Rio, you’re sure to find plenty to do wherever you decide to hang your hat.

3. Cancun, Mexico

Cancun is a sun-kissed city on Mexico’s Yucatan, Peninsula noted for its crystal clear Caribbean waters and tropical scenery. Anyone hoping to party in a seaside setting should keep this resort city in mind. Loaded with clubs and restaurants, Cancun caters to tourists from all over the world, and there is something there for everyone to enjoy.

4. Las Vegas, USA

Las Vegas has long been known as a party haven. Its brightly lit strip is filled with casinos, clubs, bars, and hotels. The city caters to all sorts of tastes when it comes to partying, and its shows are legendary. If you are looking for a destination where you can party all night and soak up the sun poolside all day, Las Vegas is the place!

5. Barcelona, Spain

World famous for its many natural and cultural attractions, Barcelona is an experience to remember! Exploring its bars along old-world streets and dining on its extraordinary tapas is just part of the nightlife experience. Clubbing is a part of life in Barcelona, and the city boasts some of the most excitement you’ll find in all of Europe.

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6. Istanbul, Turkey

With its ancient view of the Bosporus, Istanbul is famous for its nightlife and exotic cultural attractions. A city known for its position as the bridge between East and West, Istanbul has been a popular destination since antiquity. Today, the alcohol flows and the music plays all night. With its Turkish charms, Istanbul is a must-see city.

7. New York City, USA

New York City boasts something for everyone in terms of nightlife. As one of the cultural capitals of the world, New York City boasts incredible cultural venues from theatres to concert halls. Its restaurant scene is legendary, and it has a vast array of bars and clubs that entice people from all over the world. If you want to enjoy a cosmopolitan vacation, this city should top your list.

8. Phuket, Thailand

Famous for its go-go bars and clubs, Phuket is South East Asia’s answer to Ibiza. Enchanting beaches and all-night clubs make this a playground for partiers who want to party Asian-style. From karaoke clubs to non-stop dance parties, Phuket is an experience like no other. For people who like their clubbing hot and steamy, Phuket is a first-rate destination.

9. Amsterdam, Netherlands

With its famous Red Light District, Amsterdam has long enjoyed its reputation as a party capital. With its anything-goes atmosphere, Amsterdam is also a very beautiful city filled with a vast array of cultural attractions to enjoy by day. By nightfall, the clubs and bars begin to attract dancers and party-seekers of every age and taste!

10. Crete, Greece

As the largest of the Greek Islands, Crete boasts a rich array of resort towns and party destinations that are brimming with clubs. Many clubs are perched right on the majestic coast of the island. People from all over the world travel to Crete to witness its historical cultural attractions as well as its party venues that rival those found anywhere else in the world.

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Add these destinations to your must-visit itinerary. You’ll fall in love with all of them as each boasts its own special brand of nightlife. Most of these party destinations are relatively budget-friendly, but it all depends on how long you love to party. Are you a big party lover? What are your favorite party places?