10 Best Luxury Hotels in Australia


With its majestic beaches and attraction-filled cities, it’s no wonder that Australia is home to a myriad of luxury hotels and resorts. Some, however, shine like no other and are truly the stars of the Aussie hotel world. If you can stay at one of these amazing hotels, you’ll discover that the hotel visit is an attraction all in itself! From sumptuous rooms to amazing features, these hotels are certainly among the best of Australia’s best.

1. Park Hyatt, Sydney

Photo: sydney.park.hyatt.com

This breathtaking hotel is situated on one of the most famous harbors on the planet. With a spectacular view of the Sydney Opera House, the hotel is luxurious as well as comfortable. Guest rooms and suites are outfitted with lush furnishings and stylish décor. The dining room has its own luxurious ambience and guests will also enjoy the richly furnished ‘living room’ and bar areas. The heated rooftop pool is a dramatic feature with its own marvelous views of the surrounding setting. Park Hyatt hotel regularly makes best-of lists and it’s easy to understand why!