10 Best Luxury Hotels in Australia


With its majestic beaches and attraction-filled cities, it’s no wonder that Australia is home to a myriad of luxury hotels and resorts. Some, however, shine like no other and are truly the stars of the Aussie hotel world. If you can stay at one of these amazing hotels, you’ll discover that the hotel visit is an attraction all in itself! From sumptuous rooms to amazing features, these hotels are certainly among the best of Australia’s best.

1. Park Hyatt, Sydney

Photo: sydney.park.hyatt.com

This breathtaking hotel is situated on one of the most famous harbors on the planet. With a spectacular view of the Sydney Opera House, the hotel is luxurious as well as comfortable. Guest rooms and suites are outfitted with lush furnishings and stylish décor. The dining room has its own luxurious ambience and guests will also enjoy the richly furnished ‘living room’ and bar areas. The heated rooftop pool is a dramatic feature with its own marvelous views of the surrounding setting. Park Hyatt hotel regularly makes best-of lists and it’s easy to understand why!

2. Qualia Resort, Hamilton Island

This world-class resort hotel is surrounded by the incredible Great Barrier Reef. Views are superb and will captivate even the most discriminating traveler. It features two infinity-edge pools that make guests feel at one with the reef. Indoors, the comfort of the spa and richly furnished rooms will enchant all those lucky enough to book a stay here. The sun-drenched setting and luxurious features of the hotel like its spa and private library make this a dreamy place to hang your hat!

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3. Langham Hotel, Melbourne

Situated on the river, this 25-story hotel is luxury itself. Its English-style décor is studded with chandeliers and sumptuous seating everywhere you turn. Famous for its Chuan Spa, Langham Hotel exudes grandeur from every nook. Its restaurants are world-class and its pool offers breathtaking views of the surrounding city. Guests will be captivated by the luxurious experience that awaits them at this first class hotel.

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4. Richardson Hotel and Spa, Perth

This leading five-star boutique hotel is Perth’s answer to luxury on Australia’s west coast. The hotel is richly furnished and features a gourmet restaurant experience. It’s heated pool and luxurious spa treatments are also part of this hotel’s singular charm. The enchanted poolside garden is just an added touch that sets this hotel apart from other luxury experiences in the region.

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5. Emirates Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa, Blue Mountains, Australia,

Encompassed within the breathtaking scenery of the Blue Mountains, this lovely resort and spa is simply enchanting. Massages on the forested deck, swims in the outrageously fabulous pool, and stays in richly decorated suites make this one of the most attractive hotel experiences on the continent. Moreover, the opulent accommodations are complemented by the stunning scenery that surrounds the resort.

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6. Four Seasons Hotel, Sydney

This classic hotel is a regal experience yet marked with genuine Aussie style. While unabashedly luxurious, the hotel also exudes an aura of relaxation – a rare combination, perhaps, but the décor style and myriad of amenities embody both these marvelous traits! With views of the legendary opera house, Four Seasons Hotel is one of the city’s most revered accommodations. Its unrivalled level of service, spa, and rich atmosphere make it a standout among Sydney’s wide range of hotels.

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7. Reef House Resort and Spa, Cairns

This luxury resort offers a peaceful sanctuary – like experience with a simple yet elegant charm all its own. The pools (there are three), restaurant, and ambience of this hotel are revered throughout the region. Its beaches and tropical gardens attract holiday seekers from all over the world. Both the bar and restaurant offer unrivalled views of the ocean making this one of the most celebrated resorts in the country.

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8. Capella Lodge, Lord Howe Island

Photo: lordhowe.com

If you visit Capella Lodge, there’s every chance you won’t want to leave! The gorgeous setting would render any accommodations splendid, but this lodge truly shines with luxurious features. With its views of the mountains and ocean, the rooms are designed with complete comfort in mind. Its restaurant features delectable regional cuisine while its world-class spa provides rejuvenation with its vast menu of treatments.

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9. Emporium Hotel, Brisbane

This stunning hotel is a captivating experience for travelers who want to experience a modern take on luxury. Suites are decadent with rich fabrics and modern design elements. From high teas to luxurious eateries that even include a patisserie, Emporium Hotel is like an enchanted world unto itself! Utterly beautiful, this is certainly one of the most ornate and stylish hotels in all of Australia!

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10. Lake House, Daylesford

This decadent hotel on the shores of Lake Daylesford in the breathtaking spa country of Victoria is revered for its cuisine as well as its setting. Lake House offers luxury in an air of enchantment provided by the surrounding scenery. Its world-class restaurant, spa, and luxurious rooms make this a breathtaking vacation destination.

Each of these hotels offers a luxurious experience in its own singular way. All are quite extraordinary and well worth considering if you happen to be traveling in their respective regions.